Bethesda Reveals The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Playtime Statistics

Bethesda Softworks has today revealed a small amount of statistics regarding how their audience has interacted with their most recent launch, the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has provided the same kind of longevity that the series has become famous for.

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Kantor2364d ago

Eighty five hours on average. It just puts into context all of those modern shooters that last for four hours. Skyrim is as long as 20 of them put together.

deep_fried_bum_cake2363d ago

And that's just the average with internet, could possibly be more. I'm well above the average now. I think I'm sitting at about 400-500 hours.

CarlitoBrigante2363d ago

What the hell are you doing all those hours? Ive played for 105 hours and seen everything, did every possible quest and got platinum trophy.

deep_fried_bum_cake2363d ago

I was having fun that's what I was doing. I think I'm on my third go of it. If it took you 105 hours to do all the missions then I'm gonna guess you did that book glitch to get all your things levelled up.

overlorduk2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I'm a compulsive looter and completionist so I'm up to 247 hours on my first playthrough and still nowhere near finished. I'm still as addicted to it as I was when it first came out. I must be very sad and easily pleased :)

Grap2363d ago

i am on 70 hours and finish all the quest still there is finding a book quest which is sucks

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RedDead2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Skyrim = Quantity over Quality

LeBart2363d ago

Yeah, sure, but that doesn't make it less cool to have that much stuff to do.

justpassinggas2363d ago

But even then, Skyrim quality >>>>>> most other games out there. Even if Skyrim was a short, closed-world game, it would be better than Call of Duty 72.

MysticStrummer2363d ago

@just - You may want to look up the word "quality". If Skyrim was a short, linear game it wouldn't get quite so many free passes for all the glitches, horrible AI, and lack of cinematic presentation. Call of Duty isn't my type of game at all, but it's very good at what it sets out to do and the single player part of it is pretty bug free.

Ravenor2363d ago


Please, the CoD AI is dumb dumb dumb + Heavily Scripted. What Skyrim does you would be extremely hard pressed to find another with the same level of detail + amount of stuff to do. The bugs it presents are forgivable when I don't see anything quite like it on the market. KoA doesn't even come close.

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GraveLord2363d ago

Is that supposed to be good news? It means people have no life. Congratz...

Grap2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

well 80 hours for 7 months is not too big.. it's count time !!!..
24*7days=168 hours
168*4week= 672 hours
672*7months=4704 hours
4704-80= 4624 hours of life time
there u have it.. i has proved i have a life finally

overlorduk2363d ago

11/11/11...It's only been 5 months.

THESONYPS32363d ago

Your joing right? Most game with multiplayer top this. The average for Cod players would have to be atleast double that. If you are going to say, well if this had multiplayaer ( well it doesn't so shut up).

ufo8mycat2363d ago

Skyrim isn't multiplayer, so bad comparison.

Blackdeath_6632362d ago

i agree with what your trying to say but just to remind you there are also those people who play FPS games online and spend well over 250 hours online, and those are just the normal people.

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rowdyBOY2363d ago

easter = pagan
christmas = pagan
skyrim = pagan
zeus = pagan
greek mythology = pagan
days of the week (e.g thursday named after thor) = pagan

churches and christianity = mixed with pagan

and there is much more , quite disgusting if you ask me !!!

ginsunuva2363d ago

This game is like a huge long upward hill of excitement and fun for about 40 hours then it drops into extreme boredom and fatigue so fast that I can't bring myself to touch it again. It burns you out after its 600th repetitive lookalike dungeon.

adamant7152363d ago

I completely agree with you. Sometimes I wish i hadn't played it all so fast. :/

ufo8mycat2363d ago

And yet people like you who say this about Skyrim, play COD MP ALL THE TIME, which is even more repetitive. All you are doing in that game is repetitively killing people in a small map. Run around - kill your opponent - die - respawn - rinse and repeat.

Much more repetitive

ShadowSniper2363d ago

I was really excited wen Skyrim came out but for the love of God i juxx couldnt continue playing it.. i loved Oblivion so much but maybe Skyrim just wasnt all as it was hyped up to be... sound familiar? S.O.B Fable garbage that came out

adamant7152363d ago

Probably not your type of game tbh. Skyrim deserved all the hype

ShadowSniper2363d ago

No its unusual. That's my second fav genre of games