Orbis might kill used PlayStation games–how dumb

If you’re a gamer, last week saw the emergence of a particularly nasty rumour–that Sony’s next-generation PlayStation will not play used games.

According to Kotaku, which cited inside sources, the next console is code-named Orbis and will be released for the holiday season of 2013. More importantly, the device will lock new games to a PlayStation Network account, thereby rendering them useless to anyone other than the initial buyer.

Sony has a history of trying to lock down its stuff, from copy-protected CDs to proprietary memory cards, which is why many are taking the rumour seriously.

It’s no secret the video game industry hates used games. When chains such as Gamestop/EB Games sell a customer a used game, publishers don’t see a nickel. What makes the studios especially angry is that they spend millions marketing their products, yet the retailers devote more floor space to used games. It’s the free-ride argument.

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ritsuka6662292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Not everyone in the world can afford to buy games brand new every time,if Sony di do this I will stick to my ps3 until I've completely exhausted it.Sony you won't get my money.

Baka-akaB2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Every games you find used can usually even be found new at "only" 5 dollars more than used games , if you wait a month or two .

But some people would rather be store credit addicts , i guess , and lose their previous games in the process .

PS :

My comment isnt in favor on some anti used tech for any console . Nor against people truly seeking and finding good used game deals

ilikestuff2291d ago

well they might be 5 bucks cheaper at gamestop but amazon or craigslist has used games a lot cheaper, i bought skyrim a week after it was out for 40$ off a guy on craigslist thats 25$ cheaper if i include the tax id pay round where i live

Baka-akaB2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Like said , it's good and all when people bother seeking deals , instead of as usual rushing out to the closest gamestop .

In my case i just bought sfxt 36 dollars new , while every used deals in the area are at least at 39-40 .

Either way , if you can't afford games , rushing out at them around launch is bad idea ... new or used or digital

Oschino19072291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Not everyone in the world needs to buy games at or shortly after release, wait for it to go on sale. Have some patience and stop talking like a pissed off 5 yr old who isn't getting their way despite the fact that their logic is flawed beyond comprehension.

Machioto2291d ago

Thanks,I all ways thought the same thing if you wanted It that bad,you should have bought new.

DA_SHREDDER2291d ago

The fact you guys are talking about used games makes it obvious that your just not satisfied enough by the games you played this gen. Next gen is gonna be something we never even thought of, and games are gonna be worth buying new, so don't worry about used sales. Unless your buying older games cause they are good too. Everything from NES to the ps2, get everything now while you can still find it.

Baka-akaB2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

"Sony has a history of trying to lock down its stuff, from copy-protected CDs to proprietary memory cards, which is why many are taking the rumour seriously. "

Really you wanna go that road ? Who again currently got console that actually works with standard usb and bluetooth accessories , instead of console specific ones ?
Who is the only current constructor with no region locking on its current consoles , and letting you owning customer accounts for multiple regions ?

Sony has done the crap you said , that's sure , but when did the others stopped doing the same ?
Nintendo even removed it's free region policy with the 3ds .

kreate2291d ago


i also think out of the MicroSonyTendo, Sony is the company that gives more freedom.

Microsoft is the first to make this type of move followed by Nintendo followed by Sony.

why cant we use third party HDD on the xbox?
why do we get charged to play online?
why do we use a point system on the marketplace?
why is xbox live so restricted?
why do pictures expire from the message?
why cant we execute data files from burned disks?

some of it is just to protect copyrights.
but the rest is cuz Microsoft likes control. its not just with the xbox, its also with windows. from a business standpoint, i understand their desire for control but i dont personally like it.

brettyd2291d ago

Here's an idea, wait a week and buy the game at a discount. Not hard, used games are usually only $5 less than the new copy anyway.

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