Kinect Star Wars team hired 'cynical fans to help game appeal to all ages'

Microsoft made sure there were "cynical" fans on the Kinect Star Wars development team to help ensure the game appealed to players of all ages.

Star Wars (Kinect) Screenshot
That's according to Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda, who said in the latest issue of MCV that if Microsoft did right by those Star Wars fans, then "we were going to have a good product."

He said: "We made sure we had 'cynical' Star Wars fans on the development team - although we just prefer to call them 'passionate'. We approached the game will a level of care, crafting and love that fans would want to put into a product like this.

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Rainstorm812322d ago

Really? So "Passionate" Star wars fans wanted a dancing Emperor Palpatine?

RedDead2321d ago

It may look like that...but it wasn't originally intended...

I'm a star wars fan anyway. This game looks ****

dark-hollow2321d ago

Lol developers don't how to "appeal" to all ages.

I don't want to jump around with my grandma! But she wouldn't mind if we played a little match of new super mario bros.

THATS family gaming done right!

smashcrashbash2321d ago

For real.I think that some developers have no idea what they are talking about or what they are doing. They think wedging an awkward dance game and some monster stomping is appealing to all ages. Me and my sisters gathered around to play a evening of fun of Mario Kart for the NES or TMNT 2.That was family gaming. Not some dumbed down mindless game that people keep yelling at you 'your an idiot to dislike it, your just doing wrong that's all.'

DigitalRaptor2321d ago

Well said. I can't believe there are people defending it too saying that the reviewers are playing it wrong... lol! Apparently some people think the controls are the only thing receiving negative criticism.

dedicatedtogamers2322d ago

Obviously that didn't work out, M$. And let's be honest here, what person - even a so-called "cynical fan" - is going to speak out against the game when he/she is paid to be on the development team? No fan is going to give up their job simply because they think the game is dumb.

Emilio_Estevez2321d ago

I would have, it's only a temp job anyway.

BattleTorn2321d ago

I can't beleive they thought they could charge full-retail (or $49) for a 'On-Rails' game.

Dlacy13g2321d ago

Clearly their is a HUGE disconnect here... On one hand we have this PR speak that talks to this game being something that will deliver a true Jedi experience like no other game before.... and then we have the actual game. Which last time I checked I NEVER saw a Jedi dancing in any Star Wars movie.

I don't really know who should be blamed here? Microsoft is the primary publisher but Lucas Arts is a 2nd Publisher on this game... they had to sign off on all of what was created in this game. Lucas I think ultimately had the final say so on what got green lit and what didn't. In fact the Podcast Platform Biased had one of the devs on last week (Episode 80) and said Lucas loved the dance mode.

Oh well...time to move on.

FlashXIII2321d ago

Seeing as you always came across as someone very much a fan of kinect you know a game is shit when kinect fans are slagging it off.

Dlacy13g2321d ago

@FlashXIII... totally agree. While I do like Kinect, it certainly has had some shit games and this has to be the biggest disappointment.

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