Final Fantasy Free to Play Coming?

Square Enix and Bigpoint have teamed up on an “exciting new project”. The new game, which is already well into development at Square Enix, will be published and marketed by Bigpoint in Europe and North America.

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TopDudeMan2238d ago

Interesting. Could be worth checking out.

wnek92238d ago

this has nothign to do with the free to play crystal conquest anounced 2 weeks ago ?

Godmars2902238d ago

I'm just wondering what a F2P game is going to do for FF14.

Actually I'm wondering how Square will be able to justify paying anything FF14 with the F2P model becoming more and more popular. Especially in light of the game's tarnished reputation. How, after so much has already been invested, its going to affect them.

ZodTheRipper2238d ago

Won't be that much of a big deal I guess, since it's being released on and similar websites ...would rather have it on PSN & XBLA.

Godmars2902238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Its time to accept that consoles are no longer the central gaming focus they once were.

Except XBLA/PSN titles. Know many will neither admit or even realize it, but "arcade" games don't as much attention as full PS3/360 titles. They're often FLASH based which is poor substitution for sprite animation.

ZodTheRipper2238d ago

What I meant was, the overall quality of games is higher most of the time, when released on PSN or XBLA. Games on platforms like bigpoint aren't really known for it's quality ...