Blizzard Want Your Questions to the Diablo III Game Guide!


Diablo III gameplay systems hold many secrets and mastering those will allow us to better prepare for the war on prime evils. We are opening the gates of our archives to share ancient knowledge with you, so that we all stand ready when all hell breaks loose…

We are preparing a game guide project for Diablo III and require both your feedback and that of your community. The aim of this project is to provide all our players with information on the intricacies of game mechanics so they can explore them according to their needs and sharpen their skills.

Feel free to reach out to your valiant community to come up with questions on complex game systems and mechanics that they crave to be answered so that they can hone their craft. Don’t hesitate to ask about the basics as well. We are eager to find out which basic concepts you would like to have explained and what specific details and data you’re interested in for in-depth analysis of gameplay.

Please limit your questions/subjects to the specific area of raw gameplay mechanics and reply to us no later than Thursday 12 April, 5pm CEST, to be sure your input is received by us in time.
Thank you for joining us in the effort to make the Diablo III community even stronger.

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