New PlayStation Exclusive Title Revealed

UK publisher Ripstone have announced the upcoming release of their debut videogame, Pure Chess, which will be available for PlayStation consoles exclusively. Set to launch next week, Pure Chess will be available to download from the PlayStation Network throughout the UK this month.

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Akuma-2325d ago

Isn't it a normal occurrence where a new playstation exclusive is announced every 2 weeks or so?

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Grap2324d ago

grow up.. and may as well get a life or go play ur ps3

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zeddy2323d ago

chess is good man. i used to think it was really complicated but my friend tought me it in 1 hour. once you get passed the initial learning curve it can be quite fun. i might just get this if its a reasonable price.

Thatguy-3102323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Are ppl seriously defending this exclusive? C'Mon its a chess game for god sake ! Don't even know why its reached 'hot news' status. Give me an uncharted, GOW or any other AAA exclusive and then ill defend it but this? Ppl seriously need to grow up. Out of a sudden chess became popular again -_- 'sigh'

SilentNegotiator2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Chess doesn't need "defending" unless it's actually being attacked. And with plenty of troll comments like 1.1, there ARE going to be people defending chess.

In case you didn't notice, the subject of chess NEVER comes up on N4G, unless an article with a vague title like this comes around. So if people are praising chess seemingly out of's because the subject of chess came out of no-where.

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Tallpaul772324d ago

Chess is a great game, more depth than you can imagine. I hope the game has some form of tutorial system.

Rainstorm812323d ago

Im hoping for cross platform play.... or buy one version and get the other free like hustle kings

TheDarkTyrant2318d ago

It's from the same developer who made Hustle Kings... and Since it's a PSN exclusive for both PS3 and Vita. I'm sure you will only need to buy it once to get both versions and Cross Platform will be included.

MasterCornholio2324d ago

If its like wizards chess where the pieces destroy each other that would be fun. However I would like to see a collection of classic board games on the Vita with support for online multiplayer. Would love to play monopoly, chess, Chinese checkers, making, dominoes etc on the go. Also using the AR feature of the Vita to spawn a chess board on your table sounds like a nice idea as well.


maniacmayhem2323d ago

Remember Battle Chess? They should make an HD version for that.

Foliage2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I loved it. I downloaded an emulated version a few months back.

My first gaming experiences were Wolfenstein, Doom, Dopewars, Stunts, and Battle Chess in good ol' DOS.

Rainstorm812323d ago

They should make an all new battle chess for this day and age, that game got me into chess, well that and chessmaster

BitbyDeath2323d ago

I was just about to make a comment about the same game.
That was a great chess game, not that i'm into chess but it was always fun to watch the pieces battle it out on the board.

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