What do teachers really think about videogames?

BeefJack: "Teachers’ union ATL recently called for ‘stringent legislation’ to combat the negative effects of videogames on their pupils. But is this a widely held view across the profession? We spoke to some teachers, and another teachers’ union, to find out."

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pucpop2359d ago

my lovely ex is a teacher, she is against all kids playing "killer" type games. i suppose she has a point, some kids may not know the difference between reality + virtual reality.

i think its up to the parents, their responsibility to keep an eye on what games their kids play. right, i'm off to play kirby squeak squad...

Saryk2359d ago

I am glad you said “some kids”. Everyone is different, but these moron teachers want to put a blanket policy on everyone. Some kids don’t like video games and would rather be outside playing baseball, some kids watch TV, and some kids do play video games. But if you take out the video games would these kids be the same way? I bet they would and these teachers would blame that external problem.

Angrymorgan2359d ago

I'd say it depends on the age of the teacher.
Alot of younger teachers probably grew up with video games so meh