The potential fallout of BioWare’s new Mass Effect 3 ending

You may not know it but we stand on the precipice of one of the most important development decisions in video game history. One whose ripple effects will be felt throughout the industry moving forward.

If BioWare goes ahead with the purported changes to the Mass Effect 3 ending, it stands to set a damning precedent potentially hamstringing the creative integrity of future creative endeavors.

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dc12361d ago

Another writer that did not do their homework around the issue/why gamers were miffed and bewildered at the ending.
(Hint spend an hour in the Bioware forum: )

Ps3attitude, please incorporate 'subject investigation' in your opinion pieces ... who knows, your opinion may change. :)

Blacktric2361d ago

Not to mention that they are just jumping to conclusion like Bioware promised to "change" the ending rather than expanding upon it and explaining it more which is what we all want rather than seeing a full rewrite of the endings. That way, we fans will get what we want and the so called artistic integrity of the developer will be preserved and if indoctrination theory turns out to be true, then the ending will be remembered as one of the best...

VanguardOfCalamity2361d ago

I'd like to see an ending that mirror's the end of Dexter Season 1....

Where's my parade! <shakes fist>

Baka-akaB2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

No we arent on the verge of any change here . The "new ending" isnt happening because of blacklash and us , but because Bioware planned something along this line .

At most the backlash probably change little bits of the new content .

What changed is how the media decided to get behind publishers and devs , whatever the argument is , instead of investigating and doing their work

TekoIie2361d ago

"The new ending isnt happening"

You know they're making an extended cut for free right which adds more endings to the game right?

Baka-akaB2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

The news wasnt there hours ago when i posted . And imo only means they just decided to release content they planned anyway , only now for free . One of the few effects of said backlash .

And i obviously meant the ending is happening because planned , not because of the backlash

krazykombatant2361d ago

Again with this "Creative Integrity" bullshit.

Ohhh but video games are an "art".

Yeah and their also a very profitable business for companies like BioWare and EA. Casey Hudson is a total prick who turned his back on his fanbase.

Stupid stand point marketing wise as well, "oh you haven't played any of the ME games, thats fine PLAY 3!"

The ending was bullshit, it would have been nice if it slowly built up to it and gave an idea that the mystical child/ space magic would come up as the series went on. You don't simply add a new component and "character" in the last 10 minutes of a game and say to everyone FFU and all of the hours you put into the game. We're gonna do this now.

The ending needs to be changed. Building on it is just simply not good enough.


Are people stranded now? all the mass relays blew up, so are they stranded or dead? How did the squads get up to the normandy. How did anderson get ahead of shepard to the citadel?

What does this mean for the rest of the franchise???

Total b.s the Indoctrination theory like it or not is the only thing that makes since without taking the endings for their face value.

I'm fed up with these stupid "journalist" saying that BioWare are putting their "creative integrity" at risk. Video games are video games, not "art". Art doesn't become expensive till the artist dies. Video games are profitable piece of entertainment. I'm fed up with this b.s. can't wait for PAX to hear what they plan on doing.

DeadlyFire2361d ago

Even so they likely will fix the cut scenes and do something to tweak the ending scenes, but still keep the god child and all the other stuff with the three colors of light. It would be nice to have an option to tell him to STFU though I admit.

krazykombatant2361d ago

They should just admit that they didn't know how to end the bloody trilogy.

Now the whole franchise is up in the air with these supposed "different endings" more like palate switches. The way out for them is the Indoctrination theory. But they won't go that way because then EVERYONE will think that they caved to the fans, and no on will believe that they thought it all up. Casey hudson is a massive prick. They took a massive dump in the face of the first game and its great writing and lore.

It'll be ages before I buy another BioWare game.

DeadlyFire2360d ago

First game was done entirely by Bioware though before EA buyout. You must remember that. The old days of Bioware are gone. ME 2, and 3 both had a bit of a change to them. While 2 keep quite a bit in the game. 3 was good to a point, some subtle things were missing, but was great overall up until the ending. Which still plagues me when I look at the game.

1nsomniac2361d ago

Since when has a company trying to improve there product & make there customer base happier been such a bad thing. All this negative backlash for someone trying to do right is so confusing to me. Sometimes I think I live on a different planet to everyone else!