Why EA's "Worst Company in America" Award is Wrong

A Consumerist poll recently ranked Electronic Arts as the “Worst Company in America,” beating out Bank of America in the final round. But EA is being pinned to the wall unfairly and disproportionately here, and there are several reasons why.

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brish2359d ago

I doubt EA is the worst company in America but it is definitely one of the worst companies.

Baka-akaB2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

i definitively disagree about that , and will probably get some too .

Imo folks are going way too crazy . i'm not even an EA fan , yet can easily admit i dont remember an era where they didnt have at least 10 great games published .
They have done a lot of bad stuff (they frickin' killed and ruined wetwood and def jam ) , but their sheer quality/amount of titles ratios should prevent such nomination imo .

People are just having jerky fits because of Me3 and their online pass shenanigans

MariaHelFutura2359d ago

Not even close.

America has some borderline evil companies, as does the rest of the world. But, America is the home of them.

JsonHenry2358d ago

I don't feel EA even belongs on the list when you consider companies like Bank of America/Dyncor/Haliburton/Gold man Sachs are all caught running drugs and sex slave trade.


TekoIie2359d ago

well its seems they're already trying to change that with the free mass effect 3 dlc to change the ending. If they offer free DLC for other games like BF3 things might change a little.

Ashunderfire862359d ago

Bank of America and those Banksters from Wall Street is the worst not only in America, but the World. Only reason why EA got the worst, cause the fan outcry of Mass Effect 3 ending. Bioware is now under pressure too.

THR1LLHOUSE2359d ago

Considering the companies it was up against, it is utterly absurd that it even got past the first or second round.

But no, whiny internet kids thing day one DLC is bigger crime than destroying our economy.

tigertron2359d ago

No way is EA the worst company ever, that much is true. However, people angered by the ME3 ending used this as the appropriate medium in order to get EA's attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.