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CD Projekt "doubts Xbox 720 will turn everything we know about videogame consoles upside down"

OXM UK: "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings level artist Mark Ziemak has said he doubts Xbox 720 will turn everything we know about videogame consoles upside down." (Next-Gen, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, Xbox 360)

ElementX  +   996d ago
In the article he never says "he doubts Xbox 720 will turn everything we know about videogame consoles upside down" it's a twisting of words that is very misleading.
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Akuma-  +   996d ago
I'll suggest using any title you want but you should acknowledge that "helghan belongs to the helghast"
honkyjesus  +   996d ago
You're on the Internet, congrats.
dirigiblebill  +   996d ago
All paraphrase is "twisting words". What does the intro as it stands lead you to believe, exactly?
GribbleGrunger  +   996d ago
paraphrasing isn't 'twisting words'. paraphrasing is using a different way of saying the 'same thing'. that's not 'twisting words'.
MerkinMax  +   995d ago
Do that in your English class on your next paper...
Let me know what the teacher thinks of it.
dirigiblebill  +   994d ago
But using different words to say precisely the same thing is impossible. What you say is how you say it.
callahan09  +   996d ago
ElementX, are you critiquing the article or the submission? Because as far as the submission goes, it's correct and falls within the rules at N4G. He copied and pasted the intro from the actual article as the N4G submission intro.
ElementX  +   996d ago
The article itself is shoddy
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Biggest  +   996d ago
What is the point of the statement anyway? Who thought the next version of ANY console was going to change anything? They'll get better. That's pretty much all there is to expect. Unless we are talking about Steven Colbert's new Xbox idea...

F7U12  +   996d ago
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   996d ago
I totally agree,, hrs talking out of his aa never acknowledges of having the 720 dev kits.
DeadlyFire  +   996d ago
Well Xbox 360 has 3 cores and 6 threads. Xbox 720 will have 6 cores and up to 24 threads on Power7 + some type of Mid or High End GPU setup. Not vastly different, but will have a bit of a shift that will be visible.
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jmac53  +   996d ago
Oh because you know what the 720 specs are.
limewax  +   996d ago
Actually it's just a matter of piecing together the puzzle if you know a decent amount about tech.

So to start, Wii-U as been mentioned many times to be using Power7, Something IGN took into account when building their own Wii-U from the specs developers had mentioned.

This leaves MS/Sony with a choice of matching the Power7 or stepping up to a Power8, While Power8 is a possibility its also unlikely since keeping the launch price down is going to be a priority, The worlds economic state makes this a given.

Then for GPU, it has been said by a few sources now that both Sony and MS will be going to AMD (Pity, I wanted PhysX) and sources have also started to surface about which GPU will be the choice of which system. With the new GPU's of this year rolling out now, we get a good grasp of what is likely to appear. Now for instance we will not be getting a top of the line card in either system if AMD is their choice. The operating temperatures of their top of the line models are extremely high, And require a lot of cooling, Something consoles can't really offer. So they will be picking something with a good balance of power/temperature and even Wattage, all of these are going to be a factor in the choice, It will be a Mid-High range card, certainly not top of the line.

Although my personal suspicion would be that MS will also use the 7 series GPU, As they certainly still have enough spare time to change their mind if Sony do go ahead with the 7 series. However sticking by the 6 series would still provide very close specs while also providing the Nextbox with a slightly lower price point.

This gives you the gist of where things will go, but of course an outsider is not the one calling the shots, so you can only really narrow it down so much
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DeadlyFire  +   995d ago
Well there is Power7(2010), Power7+(2012), and Power8(2013-2014). While Power8 might be more expensive, its cost will be less than $25 bucks for production. Everyone complains about costs, but major factor in PS3 cost was Blu-Ray. They can throw every bit of CPU/GPU tech in a console for less than $600 bucks and sell at a small loss and gain all of that cash back before the generation is over. PS3 cost about 900-1000 bucks for production. Without Blu-Ray it would have cost about $525 bucks similar to X360.

Its not hard to guess the specs. Power7+ is most likely. From what has been rumored. Which is 32nm and Power7. Power7 only exists as 45nm. Power7+ is the 32nm version. Power8 is 22nm.

From what I have read in rumors its alined with 6 core version, but 8 core could easily be in the system with 32 threads and 6 core as a early kit test run. Its also possible that Power8 could be in the system. Its coming in 2013. Would be vastly superior to Power7 tech. Would not represent a great change design/programming side of things. So it would be easy transition from Power7 to Power8.
ZigZagLagger  +   996d ago
"If next gen is around the corner pretty soon, then we are hoping the experience that we got at this moment will actually help us in creating the games for other consoles. *****I don't think they'll be so much different.***** I hope they won't be so much different that we have to totally change our controls and stuff like that."

this is what they quoted.
Edito  +   995d ago
That's why i stopped reading.
Mikhail  +   996d ago
Quite a misleading title, I suggest changing it before fanboys from both side rant about it.
vega275  +   996d ago
that's the reason why the title is like that. Too get fanboys on both sides to rant.
RedDead  +   996d ago
He has to keep the title in accordance with the Rules, OXM are the ones who made that title. Obviously looking for hits.
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cynosure  +   996d ago
Yeah the title is misleading
dirigiblebill  +   996d ago
redDevil87  +   996d ago
for teh hits
callahan09  +   996d ago
Did he change the title since or something? Because the title I see is the exact title of the article the submission links to. Not misleading at all. Unless you're critiquing the article rather than the submission.
floetry101  +   996d ago
Definitely laying it on the article. It's done to spark hits and angry discussion. Nothing new in the gaming world.
dirigiblebill  +   996d ago
Why is it misleading? Let me know and I'll change it.
360GamerFG  +   996d ago
Don't change it, it is what it is.
LightofDarkness  +   996d ago
For one, he doesn't say it WON'T be much different, he says he doesn't think it will be. The former implies he's had hands/eyes on the machine or somehow knows anything about it.

It should be something like "CD Projekt Comment On Future Multiplatform Plans" or "CD Projekt's Thoughts On The Next Generation/Xbox 720"
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dirigiblebill  +   994d ago
I accept that "won't" implies something other than "doesn't think it will be", but nor does the headline explicitly claim that CD Projekt has firsthand knowledge of Xbox 720. Not that there's anything here which proves it doesn't.

They're designing multiplatform games for release in 2014/2015 - if they're not designing around known hardware next gen specs, they're being remarkably thick.
BlmThug  +   996d ago
Misleading title much
Dlacy13g  +   996d ago
Its pretty disgraceful at just how misleading that title is. Integrity is lost in the new age of "journalism".
Tai_Kaliso  +   996d ago
So the Xbox 720 will be easy to program for just like the Xbox 360 is. Good to know they will still get great support from 3rd parties in the future.
LOL_WUT  +   996d ago
Actually the title is the same once you click on the article you'll realize that. I'm quite surprised this came from OXM though.
Dlacy13g  +   996d ago
Yup, its just shaddy no matter who its from. That is the ultimate trolling for website hits title.
Shame on whoever decided it was a good title.
dubt72  +   996d ago
Later that day they became the Unofficial Xbox Magazine UK, lol
xtreampro  +   996d ago
It's actually talking about moving from different platforms (360 to 720) and not hardware.
2EHO  +   996d ago
I think the fanboys are gonna be upset when next gen comes around. I don't believe there will be this vast graphical output they are looking for. If you look at the "RUMORS" the specs show the consoles will be comparable to each other. I don't think enough to say oh that console will be a graphical beast compared to the other. I think all the console will have specific things in its tech makeup and design that make it better to develop for in a way. But I think we will all get great looking games on all systems no matter what you choose. At this point I know it's fun to do but we all have to wait until Nintendo, Sony, and microsoft unveil their consoles in full display with gameplay to match.
honkyjesus  +   996d ago
Really misleading title for what he is trying to say to get hits or attention for OXM.
momthemeatloaf  +   996d ago
Very smart if MS does this. for one it makes devs happy that they dont have to re-learn everything. It also keeps the console price close to what they are now, so they will have no issues with pushing them out the door. and do we really need much better graphics people? Something Sony forget this past gen when they thought the console market were all millionaires.
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bahabeast  +   996d ago
if a console is a console then give us assassins of kings on the ps3 PLLLLLZZZZ
theeg  +   996d ago
3 new consoles in 2012 would be amazing, 2 is a must, only 1 would be laughable....we needed new consoles in 2010-11
Drainage  +   996d ago
hes right. A console with online service that uses a controller. Its what people want and what theyll get.

Nintendo on the other hand...always try putting things upside down.

And sony , just look at what nintendo releases, then put it in HD with more features.
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neoMAXMLC  +   996d ago
Yup. That avatar system that Sony copied from Nintendo was pretty shameless. Wait...

Well the rumors of Kinect being built in are pretty awesome. Considering how hard Microsoft is pushing Kinect it obviously means that's what we want. Right?

mayberry  +   996d ago
If a.i., and graphics are not "significantly" improved over this gen's tech, I personally dont want a new console at all! I barely want one now! With starhawk, dust514, the last of us, last guardian, maybe a new gt(6) still coming out and all the new games I just got- twisted metal, journey, uncharted 3, lbp2, infamous 2, resistance 3, killzone 3, motorstorm apocalypse etc... im fine for years to come!
portugamer  +   996d ago
Man, excepting twisted metal, I have all the games you mentioned.
Glad to see you maybe just bought a ps3? Prepare yourself for countless hours of pleasure.
Even apocalypse is graphically insane.
mayberry  +   993d ago
I have had my 60g ps3 since around launch, I know its strange to hear someone still excited over it huh?
Bathyj  +   995d ago
AI is never going to significantly improve as long as gamers continue this over reliance on deathmatching and CTF.

Its a pet peeve of mine.
Gigglefist  +   996d ago
Nothing ever exceeds expectation when the bar is set so high. I don't expect anything utterly mind-blowing. I expect a system superior to the last, but that's it.

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