Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly Will Have New Endings For Wii

After working on Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, producer Keisuke Kikuchi began thinking about adding a Wii style controls to other games in the series. Kikuchi chose Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly because the endings were memorable. Speaking in an Iwata Asks interview, Kikuchi said the Wii version will have additional endings, but they aren’t going to make a simple happy ending.

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Zermeno_902358d ago

I'm ok with the Wii and all but c'mon!How about a Fatale Frame game for the HD consoles? How about an HD collection? Hell I'll even settle for a PS2-PSN/Live release.

Pozzle2358d ago

If it's any consolation, Tecmo said in the past that they'd be interested in creating a Fatal Frame 5 for HD consoles. Whether or not that will actually happen is yet to be seen...but don't give up hope! :D

TheRichterBelmont2358d ago

This is great news. Fatal Frame 2 was my favorite of the series.

The endings were absolutely depressing. Looking forward to being scared by even more new messed up endings! xD