Aliens: Colonial Marines’ lead writer has something to say about the Mass Effect 3 petition

Okay, Mikey Newman, the story lead on Aliens: Colonial Marines, doesn’t specifically say Mass Effect but there aren’t any other games being petitioned right now are there? [Checks] No, good. As a creative man he’s obviously very passionate about the whole ending debacle and has a few words to say.

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dc12298d ago

Another ME3 assessment fail by a developer....

dc12298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

And to be clear why its a failed assessment:

1 - Games are a product. However, the story may be artistic and can be told as the writers/developers direct. Art direction can also be artistic.

2 - Consumers can petition what ever the heck they want to. Without consumers, there is no cooperate growth or product advancement. Further, what else can one do in a post purchase environment? (The folk who are petitioning already purchased the game... not much they can do but petition).

3 - The crux/heart of the back lash centers around the misrepresentation of compiled choices from ME1 and ME2. While the ending leaves much to be desired.. its clearly a partial delivery that will be cleaned up in the DLC.

Redtide2297d ago

im sorry but i tottaly agree with him. click that little disagree button all you want if you dont agree with me i dont care but the mans right.

MysticStrummer2297d ago

No he's not. People can petition whatever they want to, and no one is upset about the artistic statement made by that ending. They're upset because the whole point of the series was that decisions matter, yet as it stands now those decisions didn't matter after all. If the real ending shows up as DLC it had better be free, but even if it is I think Bioware deserves all the backlash. What they did was just stupid.

Redtide2297d ago

you thinking hes not right is your opinion not fact 1. just like me thinking hes right is opinion 2.

Lord_Sloth2297d ago

Can you really be creative if you're taking an already established franchise (Aliens) and taking into an already explored genre which it's already been in several times over?

Iceman X2297d ago

When you go to see a movie you pay, next you watch it. At the end let's say you didn't like it, then tough you didn't like it. But you don't petition to get the ending changed. I though 300 was a good movie but i wanted to the what 3000 Spartans was gonna do, the movie didn't show that. Ok i didn't like it, did i petition to get the ending changed?? No. I dealt with it. Million Dollar Baby was another good movie i wanted sooo bad to see the chick go to jail or die for what she did to the main chartacter. These is someone vision and it's thier art we have to take it for what it is, you can't tell them to change it...

krazykombatant2297d ago

the movie was sold on 300 spartans if you wanted to see 3000 then thats your fault, things like movie, vehicles and other products need to make sure they sell what their advertising.

All of the ME devs said that there wouldn't be ABC endings, plenty of impact from your past choices blah blah blah, they caved and wrote a half assed ending, which looks like they never got around to finishing due to time restrictions.

Video Games are a product simple as that, the story and art direction. That is art sure, but the Games just simply aren't art. Its just a cop out for companies to not get sued for false advertising.

Can ME fans do anything else at this point no. Just download the extended cut and be happy. If your not happy just don't buy another BioWare game. CD Projekt is very much up and coming, so i'm sure plenty of people will move to them now.

I don't agree with his attitude towards the question.

Voiceofsoi2297d ago

I cannot believe there are still people who are questioning this.

I get that games are, in fact, a legitimate form of artistic expression. I would even go further and say that games of certain genres have an obligation to fulfill their potential as a piece of art.

But if you don't want to compromise your art, if you want to create art for art's sake, you have no right to charge people for it.

Art as a business is either commissioned or mass produced. As soon as you mass produce anything and sell it, it becomes a product. If the consumer is dissatisfied with a product they paid good money for, you, as the creator of that product have the responsibility to alter it to satisfy your customers if possible.

Yes, there are some idiots out there who harass BioWare employees and that's wrong. Stupid. Malicious. But raising $80,000 to make terminally ill children more comfortable, just so a corporation pays attention to your opinions about their product is, quite frankly, saintly.

I just find developers who don't agree to be pretentious, self-indulgent and unappreciative of the audience that made their job's existence even possible.

Hicken2296d ago

Spot-on, dude. There's nothing that says games can't be/aren't art (unless your name is Roger Ebert). But EVERY form of art must appeal to an audience. And if that appeal is not met, expect to hear about it.

If Da Vinci had done a crap job with the Mona Lisa, do you think it'd have been as well received? His patron- who it was, I have no clue- could very well have disliked it, and then Leo would have to scrap the Mona Lisa and paint something else. Does that stop it from being art, or prevent Da Vinci from being an artist?

This is even more important in gaming, where the reception of the audience is paramount. And it's made even more important in the case of Mass Effect, because the course of ME3 and its endings were supposed to be dictated by player actions and decisions. That's not just something the players made up, either; it's what the DEVELOPERS themselves said about the game.

I find it interesting that so many people have an issue with folks wanting the ending changed in light of this. It makes me wonder if they even know about it at all. Or if, instead, they're simply sticking their faces out in front of the press to get some star time.

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