Wheels of Destruction: World Tour Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Wheels of Destruction: World Tour is an arcade-style car combat shooter. Set, apparently, on a post-apocalyptic Earth. I say apparently because, it being a predominantly multiplayer game, there is no wiff of a storyline at any point during the game. The maps don’t seem to particularly have an aesthetic of derelict or decay that would hint toward such events taking place. Nor do they have any indication, decor wise of their original states: Paris, Seattle, London, Tokyo and Rome. These five arenas make up Wheels of Destruction’s roster, but other than adding to the apocalyptic premise, it baffles me as to why they are called that. It also baffles me as to why in a post apocalyptic world people think it's a good idea to waste precious commodities such as fuel and ammunition on games of destruction derby..."

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