El33tonline Review: Yakuza: Dead Souls

Oltman at El33tonline writes:

"Zombies are the new World War II. A few years ago every game was set in World War II. Then there was a period of no war stories left to be told. Variety was common (yes, that sounds like a paradox), until the arrival of zombies. Every game had to have a zombie mode while some developers released entire zombie expansion packs!

Some developers were a little slow and just got the tail end of the fanatic zombie support. By now we have seen it all and zombies really do not intrigue us nearly as much, so rather than release a simple zombie expansion to its Yakuza series, SEGA developed a whole game based around a zombie invasion and it’s unfortunately almost as soulless as the horde found within."

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dc12300d ago

The ugly is wrong. The ability to skip the cinematic events are in the options menu.
Secondly.... why in the world would anyone want to skip a Yakuza cut scene unless your on you third playthrough?.

Yes the camera is out of control for the first hour.. but you get very use to it. The game is fun and I'm very glad I picked it up. Running and Gunning through it now! :)