Gamers need to stop bickering about ‘Mass Effect 3’ ending

Since the release of Mass Effect 3 back in March, video game websites and message boards have exploded with complaints regarding the ending. Its disappointing for gamers but they need accept it for solidifying the story of 'Mass Effect' as one of legends to be.

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Godmars2902149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

We're bickering about the level of quality game makers can/should be offering this and future game generations. DLC has allowed them to add content, but what seems to be happening is the abuse of offerable content. Capcom asking for more money for color pallets or Square "clarifying" FF13-2's ending when that game itself is suppose to be a fix for FF13.

What's happening now is just a new bout in what's becoming an old argument that many aren't even comprehending. ME3's part in it began with the Prothean DLC and this "fixed" ending isn't going to end anything. Just start up a new round of arguments.

NYC_Gamer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

It's not even really a fixed ending just added cutscenes...Bioware has said on their blog that the ending won't change..

googergieger2149d ago

"Video game journalists" need to stop sucking up to Bioware and stop completely disregarding actual fans of the "industry". It's like for every fifty articles blasting fans and supporting Bioware there is only one article coming out giving our real side of the story. We aren't happy with a lack luster effort of a game. Which it was. Even before a bad ending.

Hicken2149d ago

Just like publishers have figured out that they can milk us with DLC, gaming sites/publications have figured out they can goad us into giving their sites hits by making headlines they know we'll disagree with.

FCOLitsjustagame2149d ago

As long as Bioware and these "news" people understand that "art" isn't there to make money from then thats fine, but I don't want to hear them complain when no one is buying/reading their stuff. Respect the fans and put out a good product and you can make a mint. Disrespect the fans and put out a bad product is going to get you dirt.

xJumpManx2149d ago

Exactly, fans did not like the ending get the f*ck over it. I played and beat all 3 titles enjoyed them all the ending to 3 did not ruin the franchise fun I had with the series. I was not happy with how Chuck the tv series ended but I did not whine and cry about it.