Battlestar Galactica Review -

Another BigPoint title, this time based on an award winning franchise that has spanned over 3 decades. Does Battlestar Galactica live up to the reputation of one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time? Check it out with's review.

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Conzul2295d ago

This game is easily the prettiest-looking browser game I've ever come across, though combat seems too lacking (dumbed down). I particularly liked how there is a real-time war going on, with system occupation and base-building / resource mining.

Not enough to take me away from STO though, especially now that that's free-to-play.

CaptainCamper2294d ago

Couldn't get into STO myself, but that was in the premium days. I've not tried it since but the combat felt too much like Uncharted Waters Online + Space :D