Sony handhelds: always the bridesmaid

Why Sony handheld gaming devices are always the bridesmaid, never the bride, while Nintendo continues to be the handheld console king.

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Abash2448d ago

"Sony handhelds: always the bridesmaid"

Somehow I knew that a girl gamer wrote this article

ruckus7s2448d ago

Nope, just a gamer who happens to also be a woman, which has no bearing on the article's validity.

ps360wiihdera2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

What has this got to do with being m or f? Somebody really needs to grow up.

KwietStorm2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I don't think he said anything about the validity of the article. But I don't know any guys who would use bridesmaid as a descriptor. Nothing disrespectful about it.

MmaFan-Qc2447d ago

@ruckus7s so what, a woman is still a woman, you cant fight against it when its WAYYYYYYY too obvious.

on that, i need my sandwich.

Akiba962447d ago

Lol wow @ps360wiihdera. Although I agree with you, you are the last one that should be calling other people immature.

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browngamer412448d ago

What's up with the political police? Dude made a funny statement and all of a sudden everybody is the effin ACLU or something..I thought the same thing by the way...

mike1up2447d ago

They're the political police, and you are the defense attorney...

I don't have a problem with the joke, however, I also have no problem with people responding if they were offended.

Abash2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Wow, it was a joke about using the saying "always the bidesmaid" and how it stood out to me. Could you see a guy gamer using that saying? Sheesh, talk about the bad kind of "Double Ds", being dumb and defensive. Uh oh, that could be taken as a sexist joke by the people who think gaming and misogyny go hand in hand. Im not discrediting the writer and I never was, I only commented

But if Im getting accused of that, I'll accuse all of you disagreeing and jumping on me for a little joke of doing that just because the girl that wrote the article is attractive.

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gaffyh2448d ago

There have been 2 Sony handhelds, that's it, and the second one only just came out. So this is a very premature article imo, and even if it is true, there is room for more than one handheld on the market. Competition creates better experience for consumers, without the PSP, God only knows how little Nintendo would have done with the DS.

krazykombatant2448d ago

lol just 2 hahahaha okay.. if you say so.

gaffyh2448d ago

Erm...yeah. PSP and PS Vita. Iterations don't count because they are THE SAME CONSOLE, and I mean that for every manufacturer. Nobody says a Xbox 360 phat is a different console to an Xbox 360 S, they just look different.

sikbeta2448d ago

Dude above you thinks PSP revisions count as different handhelds, clueless


Sony should focus on Home-Consoles + Smartphones and Tablets, why buy Ericcson share if they were going to make dedicated handhelds? screw that, put all that tech in Smartphones and make exclusive games for it, they could have done this years ago, I don't know what they're waiting...

krazykombatant2448d ago

lol then same goes for nintendo and the DS handhelds.

Either way, so much for Sony game changer, the 3DS is still selling like hotcakes and Nintendo doing well...

So much for those people that wanted to see them fail and become 3rd party like SEGA.

sikbeta2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Take it easy pal, I know you go all defensive because Sony get in Nintendo territory, but Nintendo is OK, no need to go crazy attacking the competition of your brand of choise, I prefer 3 consoles manufacturers doing business than 1 running a monopoly

Also, Vita was DOA, no one cares about it when you can have an Ipad3, smartphones and tablets will replace dedicated handhelds in the near future, Sony didn't have a chance lol

2448d ago
tiffac0082446d ago

^They said the same thing about the 3DS being DOA earlier too and it didn't happen.

So I'm not about to count out the Vita early in its life cycle nor will I just throw the entire market under the bus just yet.

Skateboard2448d ago

At least the bridesmaid gets in a limo :D

Indigo1232448d ago

Lets be fair though...........

the psp IS AN AMAZING has so many wonderful games I cant count..........

I dont care if the vita is second if it can deliver the kind of library the psp had

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