Fans voice frustration with Resident Evil's action focus, want more survival horror

Resident Evil fans voice their frustration with Capcom's decision to perpetuate the series' action-oriented focus for future iterations.

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Kurt Russell2442d ago

I miss the old Survival horror of the series.

dalibor2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Yes I do as well but I don't think Capcom will ever revert back to the way RE was. RE can still be action packed simply by having an option to play the game where there is a lot of ammo around and stronger weapons so you can go rambo style if you want. This is what Capcom could do to cater to both survival horror roots and an action packed survival horror all in one game while keeping the fundamentals of a horror game intact. Or have two characters to choose from, one character(s) has a survival horror gameplay while the other character(s) walk through has a lot more action and ammo is more abundant as well as weapons.

And wanted to add Kurt Russel Soldier was a good movie. As well as The Thing.

Cablephish2442d ago

I watched the Thing the other day. Great movie.

Resident Evil should take inspiration from that movie. :P

Kyosuke_Sanada2442d ago


They have actually, it was the inspiration for Birkin at the end of Leon' scenario in Resident Evil II and the many transformations of Nemesis (who was also inspired by The Terminator).......

ritsuka6662442d ago

Why people are suprised for this? Crapcom abandoned the surival horror since resident evil 4..

kent800820072442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I don't mind action oriented set pieces, RE5 has some good actions packed, but the atmosphere is totally lacking, the exploring and surviving theme is non-existent, it's like plain walking from one fight to another, the segments between battle set pieces is insignificant and has not been utilized properly. I hope they can add some sort of exploration elements that are creepy and scary between fights in RE6, that way they can focus on action set pieces without sacrificing the horror factor in between battle.

Oh and ammo definitely have to be reduced, bring back the fog, grayish environment and dark corridors, no overpowered melee attacks, I'll spit on your game if you dare to allow chris or leon to kill a zombie with one single punch/kick, because that means you people are imbeciles who don't know what zombies are or the fact that they should be avoided, and that you should not throw yourself at them to increase your chance of getting bitten