5 Things Blizzard Learned Since Diablo II

Buddy Sola writes, "In the twelve years since Diablo II was first released some pretty noteworthy things have happened. The console generation made two enormous leaps and a total of seventeen (!) Call of Duty games have unleashed upon the world – seriously. Blizzard has since redefined both the MMO and RTS genres and jump-started the eSports scene. And as one of the more artful studios around, Blizzard has been hard at work with Diablo III which will undoubtedly blow our minds and toss another game into the pantheon. But it’s not the millenium anymore. And just as the gigabyte is the new megabyte, we have evolved. So the question becomes: What has Blizzard learned since their heyday at the end of the 20th century?"

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Baka-akaB2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

That you can release a a sequel of a game , whose half of it success was based on its pvp , without pvp at launch ?

I'm looking forward to d3 , but will only purchase it when they decide to finish the game

Perjoss2384d ago

see you on launch day then ;)

Baka-akaB2384d ago

Hey all i need to jump in would be a timetable or date for pvp :p

thehitman2384d ago

lol @ baka dont hold your breath im still waiting for Clan Support in Starcraft and half the other features Blizzard has left out of SC2 that shouldve been there since day 1.

AngryOcelots2384d ago

I have fond memories of D2, I know 3 will showcase some of the evolution in gameplay many of the console generation's finest have developed. I'll reserve judgement for afterwards.

Scissorman822384d ago

and also that pandas make for suitable expansion material.