Survival Horror Redux: A Machine for Pigs

Reubin Levine writes, "Fear is a remarkable thing. It is also arguably the most difficult feeling to create in a videogame. A well done survival horror game can easily trump the scariest movie. It’s all about creating that certain ambiance. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was so successful because its atmosphere was as unyielding as it was oppressive. Developer Frictional Games understands the nature of fear. And with its recently announced sequel, A Machine for Pigs, the Sweden-based developer hopes to continue to bring its special brand of fright."

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vortis2444d ago

See this is a company who understands horror. Amnesia was an atmospheric horror felt scary because it felt like you were alone, and helpless and up against something beyond your control.

It was also pretty cool because the game was highly interactive and free-flowing, showing that you don't have to move like a tank with stiff-as-a-rod-up-Ron-Paul' ;s-rear-end controls to make the game scary.

Kyosuke_Sanada2444d ago

I agree. I have am playing the game in bursts now because not only that it did horror right but frankly I don't want it to end. Now their latest opus sounds like it's going to be even better, the thumbnail for the title itself is pulling me in anticipation.....

Scissorman822444d ago

There is just something about how these games are but together; the entire experience is built around making you uncomfortable. And I can't wait to see how this sequel plays out, especially with the Dear Esther folks on board...