How powerful does the Wii U need to be?

MMGN: We’ve been hearing conflicting reports about the power behind the Wii U since it was unveiled at E3 last year. Twice as powerful as the PS3, some said; on-par with the current generation, others claimed. Now we’re hearing that it will actually be less powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

But just how powerful does it need to be?

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PopRocks3592446d ago

Powerful enough to run the Zelda E3 2011 tech demo.

Besides, it has to be pretty strong if it'll run that Aliens game with enhanced visuals and putting content into the controller's screen all together in real time Not a powerhouse, per se, but strong enough to surpass what we have now.

MariaHelFutura2446d ago

I think it needs to be a 7.


GraveLord2446d ago

Well its going to be roughly the same power as an Xbox 360.(+ or -10%) based on the newest rumors.

I'd say that is powerful enough for Nintendo to makes that that don't look last-gen.

If Nintendo wanted good 3rd party support throughout its lifecycle, it would at least try and be near PS4/720 power.

LOGICWINS2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

"If Nintendo wanted good 3rd party support throughout its lifecycle, it would at least try and be near PS4/720 power."

Unless it gets the jump on the PS4/720 by releasing this year. Coming out first is huge. The PS3 has more potential(power)/value than a 360...but what happened? The 360 came out first, launched at a reasonable price, and took over the hardcore console market. Online gaming is synonymous with XBL and Marcus Fenix is more popular than Nathan Hale/Sev/Drake since Gears of War(outshined every PS3 launch title) is widely believed to be the first game to adequately boast next-gen capabilities(then Uncharted 2 came along and showed why you NEED to upgrade to next-gen).

As I said, coming out first is HUGE.

Shok2446d ago

That's actually a really good point man. If the Wii U catches on and has a decently sized install base by the time the 720 and PS4, devs would definitely make sure they put their games on the Wii U for those extra sales. Could be the lead platform if it's decently powered.

PopRocks3592446d ago

The DS came out much earlier than the PSP, didn't it? Sure, the handheld market is different, but Nintendo's built a sizable fanbase. I mean it took two Mario games to really get the 3DS off of the ground.

In the end, power does not matter. With that said, it will be a more powerful console. It's simply a matter of how much more powerful than current HD hardware it will be (whether by just a little or a lot).

And no, I don't count that BS rumor. It is contradictory to the words of big name devs and publishers and it came out a day after April Fools. I don't buy it for a second.

Shok2446d ago

Powerful enough to receive next gen multiplats, which according to the IGN rumors will most likely be the case. It's still all rumors of course so take it with a grain of salt, but still, IGN has been proven right with a lot of their rumors.

The 720 is supposedly using dual 6670's. The PS4 is supposedly using a 7670, which is basically a remade 6670. This would put all 3 next gen system close ENOUGH in power for multiplats considering the Wii U is supposedly using a 4870, which is roughly 2x the power of a single 6670.

Just speculation though.

Venox20082446d ago

I want that it was 2x as Ps3, everything else I need is a great art-style and it's ageless thing..

Indigo1232446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Not powerful at all.........

What it lacked was strong multi-platform releases.

Is irrelevant...........

What it got was system exclusives that helped it sell more than both systems basically combined

DO you realize how insane dev costs for whatever microsoft and sony do will be?

If anything thats going to shoot them in the foot, and everyone will come running back

Felinox2446d ago

Development costs will be kept in check by licsensing engines like unreal or frostbite2. I think the game engine market will be where the next gen battle is waged. Which system can run which engine better.

Indigo1232445d ago

Theres 2 issues with that

1) All games will look the same, generic

2) If rumors are true it will cost a huge amount of money to license it out

3) creativity will be elsewhere

ChickeyCantor2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )


Engines do not work like that.
They simply provide a layer to build games quickly.
The type of shaders are limited by the GPU card.
The type of gameplay is limited to the developers creativity.

The fact that many games look the same is because there is a high probability that gamedevelopers are using standard packs(textures/shaders) that come with it.

Gamedevelopment is a harsh job, wasting time could mean the end of a game within a few months. They need to work fast and really don't have time to add new features. New features are only added when it becomes a necessity to the game-design itself. But all these million dollar engines are packed with sufficient features to create the games developers want.

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