Gamers Have Their Priorities Messed Up - [It's A Gaming World]

Gamers are a funny breed when you think about it. We love taking control of basically imaginary characters and through these character’s actions through-out the made-up world they live in, we get attached. We fall in love with that character and their world; some even like to imagine themselves in that world. Then whenever someone messes with that beloved treasure, we get all bent out of shape and upset. When Chloe back-handed Drake in Uncharted 2 gamers were mad, were sad, wanted revenge (untill they played further into the game). However, in life; if someone back-stabs you, what do the majority of people want to do…nothing. When someone messes with the virtual world of our games we don’t like it, but when someone messes with us personally we almost just brush it off and ignore it.

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Kthalas2449d ago

Nice article. I just wrote a piece about Day 1 DLC myself. It's amazing that more people are in an up roar over Day 1 DLC than game breaking bugs and disc locked DLC combined.

/sigh/ Oh well. Can't do much about others, all I can do is enjoy my games as much as I can and leave the heavy criticism to others.

neogeo2448d ago

Reminds me. Burnout paradise gave away tons and tons of free elf. Made us happy and loyal, then when they made a massive add on dlc I was more then happy to pay for it. A hard working company that makes a great add on dlc is well earned. But to change the color of kens pants in street fight $1.99 a shame.

IGW_Fobia2447d ago

Burnout did it great and really, I think Criteron (sp?) and EA should be given more credit for all that they did with that game as far as DLC - it was very impressive.