Barrel Roll Podcast #154 – “Two Dead Gods Jackson” | writes, "This may be our most tangent filled podcast yet (but probably isn’t if you dig back far enough). Adam Milecki returns and is afraid to miss a thing, so he focuses his attention on Brogue, a better Roguelike. Jesse and Adam entered into a blood pact a while back to co-op Armored Core V, and we all get the benefits of their sacrifice. Actually, it turned out to be pretty good.

Jonah was bitten by the MMO bug once again when he decided to give Star Trek Online a second chance. What a difference a year can make. He also explains why you owe it to yourself to give Yakuza Dead Souls a try. Jesse has finished Xenoblade Chronicles after a mere 81 hours, and even after all that says it is a game you have to play, which we will."

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