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Submitted by Sidology 1401d ago | news

Gabe Newell confirms adoration for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic [TGV]

In lieu of anything related to Half-Life 3 (or anything 3 for that matter), big (lulz) Valve bossman Gabe Newell has gone on record to say that he “secretly” (not so secretly) geeks out about My Little Pony. (Culture, Gabe Newell, Industry)

Snookies12  +   1402d ago
Dear God no... WHYYY!? I don't get it, I just do not get it...
no_more_heroes  +   1402d ago
I see it as him basically saying: "in other words, stop asking about HL3!"

VanillaBear  +   1402d ago
....he uses My little Pony as a cover for HL3

E3 comes around, he walks on stage, annouces a new game, My Little Pony pops up THEN SUDDENLY is fades into HL3......

Gabe taking trolling to a new level
mep69  +   1401d ago
Would be funnier if he came on stage in a 2 man horse costume in the style of my little pony
dark-hollow  +   1401d ago
^^^^^^ Gabe doesn't need another person to fill up a horse costume.
Cablephish  +   1402d ago
C'mon Gabe, April Fools day just passed...
Moncole  +   1402d ago
He just got more awesome :D
mep69  +   1401d ago
Agreed ^_^
Jio  +   1402d ago
Valve just got 20% cooler
Acquiescence  +   1401d ago
I feel embarrassed for all the full-grown adults who watch that dreck with religious fervour...
Nothing sets it apart from the sea of other interchangeable tweenie shows that populate the Disney Channel, so I've no idea why the show has been separated from the rest of the crap that no human being over the age of 12 would dare admit to watching. The cartoons I watched back as a kid, like Hey Arnold!, Johnny Bravo and Earthworm Jim had superior animation that didn't rely on that cheap Flash crap, and infinitely better writing that didn't revolve around hoary life-lessons that needed to be learnt every episode.

Shame on you Gabe. Shame on you.
Swiggins  +   1401d ago
The appeal not only comes from the show (though, that's a part of it)

But more from the overall community.

The sheer amount of amazing content, from art, to music, to writing to games to movies, ect ect. All stem from the community.

Truth be told, if it was JUST a bunch of guys watching my little pony, I wouldn't watch it either. But it's not, it's a living breathing juggernaut of creativity that doesn't seem to have a end, and that's why I'm a Brony, for the community.

P.S. Being ashamed of someone for watching a kids show is a waste of your shame.
MidnytRain  +   1401d ago
Apparently, the show takes talent from Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Codename: Kids Next Door, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Power Puff Girls. That's some serious talent right there. People who think it's crazy generally don't watch enough to know how charming and clever it can be. This Urban Dictionary page sums it up nicely:

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r21  +   1401d ago
hey man, did you even actually watch the show? its in the same vein as good old cartoons back then. well for me anyways.
Jio  +   1401d ago
It's funny how people think racism is wrong, anti-homosexuality is wrong, discrimination is wrong, but if you watch My Little Pony, all of a sudden you're the worst person in the world.
General Shrooms  +   1401d ago
stfu u monster
Jio  +   1401d ago
Thank you General Shrooms, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me :D

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