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Submitted by AhmadVGArabia 1406d ago | article

PS4 launching before next Xbox is the smartest thing Sony can do

Recent reports indicate that Sony is aiming to ship its next gen home console code-named 'Orbis' to the market before the next Xbox. If this is indeed true, it will be a very smart move from Sony. (Next-Gen, PS3, Xbox 360)

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slavish  +   1406d ago
i wonder if this is why the rumored specs are so low?
Dante112  +   1406d ago
@ slavish

Aren't the PS4 specs very similar to the rumored Durango (Source: )? But if we're to go off of those specs, the next PS4 console should be way cheaper than the Ps3's launch price. Sony launching a little earlier is also a plus in my book if nothing is sacrificed, especially if big launch games are there.
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Raider69  +   1406d ago
Well even with does rumor specs dont expect the PS4 and the next Xbox to be way cheaper than what the existing consoles were when relesed 5 years ago.
Peppino7  +   1406d ago
Whether they come out a day or week or month before the 720 isn't the issue. If they both come out holiday 2013, then that'll be great for Sony. Its biggest disadvantage aside from its starting price point was its year late release, although it was a better built system. Both systems will be great to own but as far as "winning" the next gen race, releasing the system the same time, if not slightly sooner, against their biggest competitors is important. I just hope they don't take shortcuts JUST to get an earlier release. That wont benefit us!
ABizzel1  +   1406d ago
I really don't see the PS4 and Nextbox selling at a launch price of over $399. I think that's a great price for starting the next generation, and the Wii U shouldn't launch at more than $299 (less if the rumors of it being only on par with PS3 and 360).

Since hardware doesn't seem to be the huge innovation for next-gen it looks like software, OS, and gimmick will be the selling point of these consoles.

I'm anticipating this E3 and the next.
dcbronco  +   1406d ago
I think both will launch at $399 too. APUs are much cheaper than two separate chips. It's one chip for the price of two. So that alone makes the machine much cheaper. Add that the die size is far cheaper and the chips themselves will be less expensive. The number of chips that you can get on each wafer plays a huge role in the cost of the chips. Going to 32nm or 28nm chips from 90nm is a huge savings. Add the fact that it is one less chip also.

Bizzel I agree with you on the Wii U price. I disagree on the power of the new systems though. I believe the rumors of the Wii U being 3 or 4 times the power are true. And the PS4 and Next Xbox will be much stronger than that. I believe the next Xbox will also use at least one of the GPUs for computing. Maybe some kind of ray casting set-up. Two separate machines according to that last rumor. Or maybe really a a dual core HSA machine with two APUs.

Look up HSA on AMD Fusion chips.
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Gaming101  +   1405d ago
Sure it would be smart to beat Microsoft's next console to market, but Msoft will release an unfinished console to market if it means being first, that they proved when they released the 360 to unbelievably high defect rates and overheating issues that they never bothered to fix for years on end.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1405d ago
I have no problem with this as long as...
they don't have to rush the hardware and other stuff just to launch first.
zeeshan  +   1405d ago
I don't want a Wii or Wii U knock off to be honest. I want to see a jump in almost everything but on the other hand, I don't want to end up paying $600 either. SONY and MS need to balance the price versus hardware ratio smartly.
Septic  +   1405d ago
To be honest, I have a feeling that, in terms of power, both next-gen consoles will most likely end up very similar, just like we have now.

The things both MS and Sony have inevitably learnt from this gen are:

1) Getting a lead in the race is a BIG advantage

2) Making consoles easy to develop for is imperative as third party titles really have come to their own this gen (in terms of quality and importance)

3) Its not just power of the consoles that will be their defining feature, but the way we interact with the games- so hardware in terms of motion controls or whatever that distinguishes this gen from the next.

Either way I'm happy. My PS3 and Xbox 360 have given me some amazing experiences. No doubt the next-gen will get even better. And I love the competition between the two. In the end, theoretically, the consumer wins(notwithstanding rumours of lockouts on 2nd hand games, DLC culture and increased price of games offloaded to the consumer amongst other things)
sikbeta  +   1405d ago
Next Gen Jump in power will not be as big as this gen, better go moderate and make easy for the people to buy the console rather than ask $600 for it which is insane right now, sure Sony and MS know that already, although MS can go nuts with power and subiside the console
dcbronco  +   1405d ago
I really don't understand the people that keep bringing up the 360 being rushed and somehow applying that to the next Xbox. MS announced that they had been working on the next Xbox before the 360 launched. Since '04. It's now '12 and the average console life cycle is usually 5 years but some think the next Xbox might be a rush job. 9 years is not rushed. RRoD was a really bad thing but get past the headlines. Or are some too big of a fan of one company that they stopped thinking completely.

Again, 9 years is not rushed.

Sikbeta I disagree.

A 7 series ATI GPU is a huge jump over a 19xx series ATI GPU. And rumors are there will be dual GPUs. That is an even bigger jump.

The Xenon in the 360 was Power4 based. We are approaching Power 8. Even if the next Xbox core is Power7 based, that is a huge jump over Power4. Just from the standpoint of having 4 threads per core instead of the 2 in the Xenon.

There will be a major upgrade. Plus I believe the next Xbox will have HSA and that will be an upgrade over current PCs.
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Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1406d ago
I have a sneaky feeling that the new Xbox is going to be much more powerful than the new PS4.

Check this out. I know.. I know... hard to believe on a paste bin.. but it is interesting to see that he was right about BOTH consoles code names, and now the PS4's 4 core CPU as well, and the paste bin thing was post back in December of last year.

Interesting reads at this link about next gen IF true...
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Dante112  +   1406d ago
That was the very first Durango and Ps4 rumors right (December 2011 lol)? I'm quoting IGN/Kotaku's recent PS4 and Durango specs where specs in both consoles are basically the same.

Edit: @ Megaton below

The next MS console was rumored (first btw) to use anti-used game technology. Don't know why you tried to confirm that for the PS4 lol.
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Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1406d ago
Nope.. Durango name was revealed this year. 2012 in Feb. Not sure loling.

That link I originally post is from December last year, and Orbis was just announced this month.

So ya. That paste bin has been right about 3 things so far, and was post months before they came out in main stream news.

Don't get me wrong.. I know it's hard to believe.. but as of yet.. NOTHING revealed has been wrong. He was right about Durango... Orbis.. and now the PS4 having a 4 core CPU. If that paste bin is true.. wow, what a find. Like finding gold out in the hills or something.
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neogeo  +   1406d ago
Wait, wait and stop! right there, dead in your tracks.. "The PS4 will feature a 4-core 32-bit processor."

So your telling me that PS3 with it's 64 bit processes is going to downgrade to a 32 bit chip.

Smelly, smelly BS.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1406d ago
@Neo Geo...

I'm not telling you anything. I'm just posting a link to a past bin file, that someone post on my site, and I thought it was really interesting.

It would be crap if nothing was right. So now we have Durango announced... Orbis announced, and now talk of PS4 having a 4 core cpu.. just like the file bin says.

You have to admit. For a file bin article to be post in December of 2011, and to have both code names correct on the consoles, and now be correct about a rumored 4 core CPU for the PS4... that's not bad being 3 for 3 so far.

Just remember this thread if or when it's announced that the new Xbox comes with a 500 gig HD, or the being connected 24/7 thing. It's going to get interesting up in this mutha!
KonaBro  +   1406d ago
If you go to the NeoGAF forums, they have taken that pastebin and gone over it 100s of times now. The only thing that is right about those rumors are the names. Everything else is bs.
WetN00dle69  +   1406d ago
Thanks for the links!
FatGayandbald  +   1406d ago
Calling bs on that, noway ps4 is not having HDD n no DX11 support especially when their going with AMD, and no he wasn't right about ps4 4 core cpu because nobody knows what it is, if you read the rumour they didn't believe it either n state it will be something higher by time of release.
Gaming101  +   1405d ago
I call BS on this BS, several developers have already come out to say the specs are very similar with the PS4 being slightly more powerful than the next xbox. This post is stupidly naive if the writer thinks anyone believes that bullshit.
DeadlyFire  +   1405d ago
While some things might be true there are some very clear flaws in this article.

1. 64-bit CPU. Everything is 64-bit including AMD's new APUs.

2. Four core AMD CPU is vastly different than 4 core or even 32 core PowerPC CPU. If you know nothing of CPUs you will not understand this, but that is understandable.

3. Hard Drive. A system that has a network to download files from that doesn't have a hard drive is a failure. Will not exist without one. With more focus on digital content in the future. You honestly think it won't have one?

4. RAM. 2 or 4 GB. Can change overnight before launch. Really not a factor. Once one sees the other have more they will add more if that is the case.
Sony360  +   1405d ago
I don't know why it'd be hard to believe when the last gen xbox was 4 times more powerful than the Ps2.

This gen was quite even.

Who knows which will be more powerful next gen?
nirwanda  +   1405d ago
@fatgayandbald why would the ps4 have direct x support when direct x is ms owned they would be breaking copywrite laws if the did try to use it.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1405d ago
Looks like Prince Dim Lu's paste bin source was right about another thing. Well, maybe not right, but another of the things said from that paste bin has light shed on it today.

New Xbox is going to use Blu Ray. Just like the paste bin file says.
SockeyBoy  +   1406d ago
There has been too many rumors thrown around latley its ridiculous. Can't wait till we hear some real news from MS and Sony. Fingers crossed this E3 is going to be massive. And I hope Sony doesn't rush the next console. I hope both companies iron out hardware problems before launch, (i'm looking at you MS).
firefly69  +   1406d ago
So low?? Well i guess if you want to pay $700 to $900 they can make a special console just for you!The rumor specs are just fine for a close system like a console!
tehnoob3  +   1406d ago
In 2006 and 2005 the PS3 and the xbox came out with cutting edge . The had the best of the best. There is no way with a $75 graphics card we're going to get 1080p 60fps standard not with this. If this and the anti used game policy comes into play then I guess I'll go PC permanently.

If I have to use the same for 6+ years to play the games I then I demand cutting edge even if I have to pay a pretty penny.
Dee_91  +   1406d ago
@slavish did you by any chance read the article you just commented on?I see no relations to the rumored specs..
I honestly dont think it matters if they release first or last.Because, on a marketing standpoint it would be smart to have that early momentum however if the hardware is faulty it could be a stupid marketing move.So if they arent 100% sure the hardware will work,they should take their time with it and if this gen is any indication of future sells, they can afford to do so.
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GraveLord  +   1406d ago
Low? They're much more powerful than the PS3 and Wii U specs and even the rumored Xbox 720 specs.

It's powerful enough and affordable to last 5+ years.
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dboyc310  +   1406d ago
ehhh i guess is nice going first but i think sony should launch the ps4 a couple of months after the next xbox. You get more attention when your the new kid on the block. IMO sony is in great position to gain the gaming market back next gen. Both consoles sound cheap and the factor that will defferentiate that will be exclusives. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
TheXgamerLive  +   1406d ago
Both Sony and MS will launch fall to Xmas 2013.
They'll both be doing a very close launch,I'd say within 2 months of each other.
I almost guarantee MS/XBOX will release September 2013.
Sony not sure but i'd guess either july or august 2013 if they really want to go first, but just my opinion.
morkendo23  +   1406d ago
who cares?? im happy with my PS3
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hiredhelp  +   1405d ago
Google 7670m (AMD radeon mobility gpu)
Watch some youtube gameplay it may seem low but actually its a bg step up to the gpu mobile gpu in consoles this gen, and first real step into Pc visuals low end maybe but still better.
No jaggies
Better hopfully fov
Richer textures shadows better lighting
DX 11 witch means you now get a taste of tessalation
And last of all a increase in frame rate dependng on games of course.
DeadlyFire  +   1405d ago
Low? They aren't that low really. Here is my guess.

I don't expect PS4 to use A8-3850 APU. I expect its more likely to use the A10-5800 series APU from AMD + GPU.

While Xbox3 utilizes the extra threads on its chip in the same way an APU does so that some threads are dedicated to GPU processes. Or possible that Xbox 3 uses OpenRL GPU + Its GPU. So that Ray tracing is on the system.

All these things are very speculative. I expect power wise we see PS4/XB3 match up almost identically just like last gen. Again with the Wii 2 on its on, but likely not a complete slacker with power this time.
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hiredhelp  +   1405d ago
My bad i meant low comparing to a pc card witch i shouldnt of compared.
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Gamer1982  +   1405d ago
specs still beat out anything on the market and will probably beat the 720. This is why they will probably sacrifice ps3 backwards compatibility (they can also make money off that too). Lets be honest though if ps3 launched before 360, 360 would not have sold as many consoles as it did and been the brand it is today. Anybody who says differnt is dillusional. I for one am proof of that as I bought a 360 while waiting for PS3 release. It was worse for EU who got PS3 6 months later than the states.

No doubt a LOT of people bought 360s while waiting for ps3 and then just decided never to switch and stay loyal as they actually enjoyed the console in the end. That was a genius move by MS but they beat Sony by over 9 month to get that effect I dont think a couple of month by Sony will get the same effect.
Blacksand1  +   1405d ago
PS4 will have great games like GOW4, UC4, Killzone4, FFvs13, Agent, and more in 2013 Sony going make you think about which console you won't.
xtremeimport  +   1405d ago
you know, this whole race to be first thing is a tough one. you jump the sales and get a great headstart if you come out first, but like the 360 found out, you're also met with HUGE reliability issues. I dont think they need to launch before the next box, but dont let the gap build to a year and the price difference be so large. But with bluray being what it is now, i dont see a real reason for the ps4 to be anywhere near as expensive as the ps3 was on launch. What i know for sure is, all this talk about the next gen is getting me kind of excited and sad!
NYC_Gamer  +   1406d ago
There is no need for Sony to rush out the PS4 just to be first on the market...I'd rather Sony take their time and make sure the machine is solid and not full of hardware failure problems.
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MoFo1111  +   1406d ago
Being late to the party lost them so much of their marketshare.They are not leader like they used to be.
They cant let that happen again
christheredhead  +   1406d ago
I'm perfectly fine with them being in second or last place on the market as long as they keep up the content and games. I know they aren't in the lead, but that's not something I ponder upon while I'm playing PS3.

Like NYC_Gamer said, it would be much better if they put together a solid product and released it within a timely manner. I would hate for Sony to be the victim of a rushed product so that they can be "first" this time around. If they happen to be the first one out of the gate because they are ready, then great. Either way, I don't think it makes that much of a difference for gamers.
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LOGICWINS  +   1406d ago
I liked the fact that the PS3 wasn't in first place this gen. It forced Sony to hustle which resulted in a quick price drop and PSN being free. If the PS3 came out first, you can pretty much guarantee that PSN would have been a paid service since gamers were used to paying to game online with XBL. After the 360 came out, Sony was FORCED to make it free because in 2006 any XBL user could see that PSN was an inferior online service.

@Ice Cold- Not sure why your getting disagrees. Everything you said is true.

@above- Competition affects how hard or how little companies like MS and Sony hustle for our money. If the PS3 came out first, it would cost $100 more and have half as many features as it has now. To say that the 360s success from 2005 to 2006 has nothing to do with the fan service Sony has been offering is foolish on anyones part. If Sony was arrogant enough to release a $600 gaming console to the market, then they would have been just as greedy as MS is now if the PS3 was #1

Ask any well informed/respectable journo in this industry and ull get the same response. MS did gamers a HUUUGE favor by humbling Sony.
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MysticStrummer  +   1406d ago
Not being a stockholder, I only care that they sell enough consoles to get good 3rd party software support. They still lead in quality and in bringing the games I want to play, which is enough for me.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1406d ago
I use to think that launching first mattered, but it doesn't... at least not that much. Look at the Wii... it didn't launch first but it is in first place.

***"Sony was FORCED to make it free because in 2006 any XBL user could see that PSN was an inferior online service."***

That is an assumption and maybe a poor one at that. You are talking more after the fact. Everyone (including Sony) expected the PS3 to have a good launch due to the PS2 being super successful so I doubt that PSN being free had anything to do with the 360 initially. Whether or not PSN would have remained free if the PS3 was in first place is PURE speculation, though I personally think it would have remained free. If it ain't broken don't fix it.

***"If Sony was arrogant enough to release a $600 gaming console to the market, then they would have been just as greedy as MS is now if the PS3 was #1"***

Are you trying to say that Sony priced the PS3 at $600 because they were arrogant and not because that's how much the console was worth at the time lol? Also, MS is greedy now? They aren't opportunists or doing what any prudent business would do anymore lol?

***"Ask any well informed/respectable journo in this industry and ull get the same response. MS did gamers a HUUUGE favor by humbling Sony."***

Now you care about the gamers? No more why should company X do this for fans/gamers if what they are currently doing is bringing them Y amount of money lol?

I actually I agree that the PS3 wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for it's short comings, but I wouldn't exactly say I "liked the fact" that it happened though.

This is exactly why I'm looking forward to the PS4. Sony learning from their mistakes could mean a very very awesome console as long as they don't have that anti-piracy stuff on their system.
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ArmrdChaos  +   1406d ago
Bluray is the single reason why Sony lost their market share. It made them late, it made them costly, and it made them whipping boys for all the media. They knew that they needed the PlayStation numbers to help convince studios that bluray was leading. Bring out a system with few launch games and what will owners do? bluray movies of course thus padding the original numbers. The ironic thing is that for gaming bluray ended up having very little impact in the grand scale this gen...but it won them their format war...which is all they were really concerned about.
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Gamer1982  +   1405d ago
People can be happy with Sony being second but Sony are a business who are out to make a profit at the end of the day. With the gaming world being so competitive being second place is hurtful saying that this generation they are only second to the wii except in the US.
BitbyDeath  +   1406d ago
I don't think rushing is a problem cause if that were the case they'd be out this year alongside the Wii U.
Gamer1982  +   1405d ago
The wii U isnt a threat to anybody it wont even rival the ps3 and 360.
dcbronco  +   1406d ago
Outside what made Sony arrogant was that they thought they could use the Playstation to steal the movie market from Toshiba and that gamers would pay anything because it had the Sony name on it. Remember Kutaragi's quotes. Work harder and steak dinners. He turned out to be wrong. A lot of people that bought PS2s, didn't buy a PS3. They could have left the Blu-ray out, launched at $399 and still been the market leader. Six years in and Blu-ray is still a small share of the movie market. Less than 25% of the money and a far less percentage of the disc sold. And the PS went from first place to last for it. And now streaming is a far faster growing segment of the movie market and Blu-ray growth has started to taper off. It was arrogant and it could cost Sony the whole company. This year is a major one for them. And so far it hasn't been good. Look for more restructuring and selling off of properties.
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dcbronco  +   1405d ago
People can disagree all they want. I have facts to back up what I posted.


US represents more than half of Blu-rays market. Pie chart on the front page each week shows that Blu-ray is a small percentage of the market. And digital copies of the magazine show that it always has been. Streaming is growing far faster than Blu-ray.

It's okay to be a fan of a format or company. But if you stop seeing reality then it's just crazy.

Blu-ray and fanboys will kill Sony.
deadfrag  +   1406d ago
Yes Sony should aim to release the next machine sooner than M$!!From a business perspective that will be the right choise!
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cjflora  +   1405d ago
Maybe they can pull it off w/o a RROD fiasco.
Soldierone  +   1406d ago
Sony isn't Microsoft....they don't need to jump the gun to get their console on the market before the big dog makes a return. This generation if PS3 released at the same time as 360, Sony would have had a throat hold again. MS had to do something.

Sony will be playing it smart. They won't jump the gun, it will be out at the same time. That way they can kill any and all MS advertising with their own and go head to head with them. If they release early, MS will just overshadow them when they release. If they release late, this generation will repeat.
nyobzoo  +   1406d ago
I don't see this making a big impact for Sony, when the 360 released they had a year without competition, and now both Sony and MS aiming for a holiday 2013 release? So if that's the case then Sony's console would only be a couple of months out before the new Xbox, I'm sure if people are set for getting the new xbox they'll wait a couple of months for it.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1406d ago
I agree and I also think price will play a factor as it did during the PS3 launch.
KMCROC54  +   1406d ago
Still not buying it,my friendse will be on the next Xbox. so no need to buy a PS4 console, can use cash for games & live.
MysticStrummer  +   1406d ago
That's funny. Most of my gaming friends bought 360s while I waited for PS3. Now none of my gaming friends have 360s. They all have PS3s. Something about being sick of replacing them. Some of them say they'll have to be sure about the quality of the next MS console before they buy it, and others say they'll never buy another MS console again. I know a bunch of MS faithful will be like you and jump right in when their next console launches, but I bet a significant percentage will hesitate to buy one right away. After all, with PS4 they can use that cash for games and games, instead of games and paying to play online. Anyway, no need to buy a MS console when most of it's games will be playable elsewhere, if MS continues to do business like they did this gen.

EDIT - Weak attempt at an insult, FG. Everything I said is true. I was the only one in my group of gaming friends that didn't buy a 360. Now none of them have one.
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360GamerFG  +   1406d ago
Lol @ you even having friends, let alone friends that had xboxes
dcortz2027  +   1406d ago
LOL @ you getting mad. Playstation forever! PS4 will be a day one buy for me. I'll buy the next Xbox just to break it.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1406d ago
^^^Lol, I bet you took the short bus to school.
asmith2306  +   1405d ago
Myself and all my friends went from 360 to PS3. I had 3 360s, theirs broke as well. I had a PS3 from day one but it took them two years after release to buy one after the bad press the PSN got over Live. The only real difference was the chat feature and as long as you had the official PS3 wireless headsets you were good to go, something that wasn't said in the media. Now they have not looked back and they have no reason to. Free online, a ton of AAA exclusives, PS+ which is not mandatory but well worth it, a blu ray drive and no more kiddies screaming down the mic. Enjoy your Kinect, I can't imagine you will be playing much else on the NextBox that won't be on the next PlayStation. I
jessupj  +   1405d ago
Actually, like MysticStrummer said, they'll be no need to buy an xbox as most of those games will be playable else where and PS4 will have a lot more quality true exclusives.

But if you and you're friends are happy to continue to bend over for ms and smile the whole time, then good for you.
KMCROC54  +   1405d ago
So when i as a consumer buy a MS product, am bending over. but at least am not polishing JP knob.
Megaton  +   1406d ago
Not if they go anti-used games. If they do, it gives Microsoft an opening to deliver a critical hit. Releasing the 720 without any used game restrictions, and a statement that "we would never embrace the anti-consumer practices that our competition so eagerly forces upon their fans".


They both have to do it, or neither of them have to do it. If one does and the other doesn't, the one that does is going down hard next gen.
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jessupj  +   1405d ago
I think they both know this as well.

It scares me, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're having talks behind closed doors about them both including anti-used tech in their next consoles.
Megaton  +   1405d ago
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear they've been collaborating on an anti-used games strategy.
Mikhail  +   1406d ago
Seeing that they are both made by AMD, much like IBM this gen, Sony or MS can beat each other by just finding out the specs of the other
TekoIie  +   1406d ago
I'm pretty sure there's a non disclosure agreement with the companies they get the components off. But I doupt the suppliers even know what the parts are for.
Lilioups  +   1406d ago
we know that Naughty dog and santa monica (the best devs of sony) are already making games for the orbis...
Now if these game were done then...and sony launch the console first with these 2 companies games then it would be a sucess lanch
SJPFTW  +   1406d ago
The only reason PS3 came out a year later was due to the new technology in the PS3 aka Cell + Blu Ray. Next gen no company will allow the other to get a head start so I am betting they will release at the same time
TekoIie  +   1406d ago
Yeh but again it comes down to the following:

1: price
2: launch line up
3: specs
4: new features that the rival doesn't have
5: release date

Those (in my mind) are what make people choose which console they want if they are arnt sure which to buy in the first place.
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Tai_Kaliso  +   1406d ago
There are a ton of factors, first one is the Wii U is launching a full year ahead of the next Xbox and PlayStation console. I don't see Sony or Microsoft getting a significant jump on the other this time around, so a month or two difference wont matter.

The big issues for me will be price, games, backwards compatibility and if you can play used games on the console.

The PS3 not releasing until a year after the Xbox 360 didn't cost Sony, a $599 US dollar price tag did. As long as they offer a competitive console with some games, third party support at least on an equal level and amp up their online service, they should be fine.
TekoIie  +   1406d ago
You nailed it pretty much. I think Sony were over confident at launch thinking that a loyal fanbase would remain loyal despite the cost. It seems they've proven they won't do the same (proof is with the vita) but I dunno what to expect this E3 on the "Suprise list".

Halo 4 was clearly last years SUPER Suprise because no one thought it would happen so who knows what'll happen next year.
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MysticStrummer  +   1406d ago
No one thought Halo 4 would happen...? That has to be a joke.
DeadlyFire  +   1405d ago
Well Blu-Ray is the sole reason for PS3 costing so much. As it was over half the production cost on its own in the PS3. It was a long run target and so far its working. Blu-Ray is accepted universally and it looks like it might be in next round of consoles in more than just Playstation this time.

This time even with Highest end tech I don't expect PS4/XB3 to go a dollar above $500 bucks.
Redtide  +   1406d ago
just my opinion but im gonna have to pass on the 720 with the way microsoft is going with kinect as the main focus there getting to family friendly for me. just my opinion.
TekoIie  +   1406d ago
I think that it's clear that 3rd party support is where kinect shines for the hardcore (mainly ME3). So I think it really comes down to what they do with kinect. But come on Ryse looks awesome if the gameplay is real...

*stares at star wars kinect* real kick in the nuts watching the first trailer of it and then seeing the real product :(
Redtide  +   1406d ago
is ryse that roman game?
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1406d ago
Ryse is indeed the game set in Roman times. What got my attention about it was the mature look. The fact that crytek is powering the game is a big plus as well.
#12.1.2 (Edited 1406d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Redtide  +   1406d ago
thought so. i dont know what to think of it, this year so far has had alot of over hyped dissapointing games coming out and i havent seen much of it nor have they said much of anything about it. so im not gonna get to excited about it just yet might just turn out to be another disapointment. but then again i do love greek mythology games. :)
#12.1.3 (Edited 1406d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Tai_Kaliso  +   1405d ago
Every company shifts focus towards the end of the console cycles, Sony did it as well in previous generations.

In fact, Sony is coming out with family friendly titles on the PS3 this year with the LBP Kart Racing game and a Smash Brother type of game.

You will have to appeal to a certain demograph to keep selling that product when you come out with a newer model.

Also, Sony has patented tech that is sort of like Kinect and its been rumored to be included on the next PlayStation model. Just a little food for thought.
coolasj  +   1406d ago
I'd be interested if they launched the same day. Oh, the fights in front of Best Buys across the nation.
gtxgamer2  +   1406d ago
hope they dont rush the console.
marin41   1406d ago | Spam
SpinalRemains138  +   1406d ago
While this argument definitely holds some water, I think that SONY using a different processor than the Cell is actually in their best interest.

If SONY releases their console @ the same time or a month later than MS it isn't really that much of a deal breaker. It's when it releases a year and a few months that made things difficult for them this gen. Out of the gate they were hurt, no doubt.

I realize SONY dumped a lot of money into the Cell technology with IBM, but the thing is, the gamers suffered because SONY users more often than not had the weaker multiplat or the crappy game altogether. It happened. The Cell may in fact be great technology. We have seen certain devs put it to good use. I realize this of course. The thing is, the gamer makes out best when they have the most variety to choose from. When no developer is shying away from the hardware. I really think if SONY can use a more standrd chip for the PS4, that everyone will reap the benefits. New relationships will be made between parent company and publishers and developers. The more the better I always say.

We lived without backward compatibility this gen with PS3 and I'm sure we can do it again. Besides, who buys a new console to play old games????? I never understood that. I got a PS3 to play PS3 games after all. Older titles were fun, bun they're just that......older. I have played them and they're done. Just me maybe, I dunno.

Holding onto the Cell @ this point is like a baseball franchise continually starting the guy hitting .197 because he was signed to a huge lucrative deal. You feel you need to get your money's worth; to justify the deaql by using what you paid for, but in the end you're only hurting the entire project by doing so. So please.....will the Cell processor and Jason Bay please take a seat!
tehnoob3  +   1406d ago
Developers have recently got use to the cell, and after billions of dollars spent they're just going too throw it away? I don't think so that's why I refuse to believe the rumors.

I'm sure Sony must have something up their sleeve; the PS3 was cutting edge when it came out I expect this to be the same.
Jazz4108  +   1405d ago
Cutting edge? My laptop from 10 years ago is faster than the ps3. Its a poor designed console with a slow br drive, split ram, and a bottleneck design with the cell that put them miles behind in gaming. This is not cutting edge. Don't get me started on all the gaming time wasted on firmware updates, installing and downloadng seperate, and mandatory installs on games. Sony has a lot to learn. Ms was not perfect but in the end I have enjoyed my 360 so much more for superior multiplats and a great online system and money for live is worth every penny as I even enjoy HBO go. This is my opinion on why the ps3 is in last place and is not cutting edge.
#16.1.1 (Edited 1405d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
smashcrashbash  +   1406d ago
Too bad business us not as black and white as journalists and gamers think. Sure it will be a great advantage if if it launched first but that may not be as easy as people think. You can't just jump up and say 'launch out system first'. That could be a greater risk then waiting to launch it later. Also it may not fit in their plans or long or short term goals or may not the right time or more research might need to be be done. Or you might launch with a broken console that breaks down 50% of the time and takes years to get it right.
Vickistheman  +   1406d ago
Sony doesn't have to launch before the nextbox, it just shouldn't launch a year or so after.

As long as Sony's within a month or 2 they should be good. The ps3 almost wiped off a 10 million one year lead with a crazy launch price.

Imagine the damage they will do with a good priced system launching at the same time. Launching with Uncharted 4 would just be insane..
thebudgetgamer  +   1406d ago
Blah blah blah
When Microsoft and Sony say when their releasing and specs I will listen.
MoFo1111  +   1406d ago
It wasnt 10 million it was 8.The gap is now 3.8 million but the PS3 had many many price cuts
I think they have to launch first.Microsoft have crazy amounts of money they can invest in advertising
sashimi  +   1406d ago
Yeah thats all they seem to invest in...advertising. That's what we gamers want! more advertising...because that's what we buy video game consoles for.
smashcrashbash  +   1406d ago
Yeah because the 360 never had ANY price cuts *rolls eyes*. And all the consoles that failed before the companies didn't have crazy amounts of money and didn't advertise *sarcasm*. Nintendo and Sega were flat broke when their consoles failed. THINK before you write.

@ server-1 In business there is no such thing as won't and can't. that is fanboy talk. Sony had a big fanbase too before they lost a big portion in a single gen. Nintendo lost a lot of people both developers and customers to Sony and it only took a single gen.And unless you have inside info you have no idea how far along the next Xbox is.THINK before you write fanboy crap.

It always matters. Business is like a yo-yo. It goes up and down. All it takes is one slip up or over confidence and you can fall all the why back down or lose everything.You must always be concerned about your competitors or they will creep up on you and snatch your market share away from you. That is why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the corporations and people like you are just the people posting about things they don't understand on a website.
#20.2 (Edited 1406d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cstyle  +   1406d ago
Sony won't beat them to launch. No way. MS has the advantage in funds and they are further along in development than sony. It really doesn't matter anymore because MS's fan base and market share has grown considerably. Sony really need to have an improved online service if they want to compete with ms next gen.
BitbyDeath  +   1406d ago
If this gen has proven anything it's that most people aren't swayed by brand names.

It all comes down to price, advertising and launch timeframes.
thebudgetgamer  +   1406d ago
I don't think that's true. "Playstation" is the reason the PS3 didn't fail. If any other company releases a almost seven hundred dollar console they fail.

Brand loyalty is what sold eight million consoles that first year.
BitbyDeath  +   1406d ago
@thebudgetgamer, you forget it was also the cheapest blu-ray player around.

Many would have purchased it for that alone, on top of that the initial games ie Motorstorm and Resistance got marketered really well.
#21.2 (Edited 1406d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   1406d ago
I believe your points are valid and make sense but I think it had more going against it than for it.

It launched with the Wii that was two hundred and fifty dollars, and we all know how that took off.

The 360 was already on the market for a year. it had also basically stolen all of the third party exclusives was two hundred dollars cheaper. Plus the popularity of XBL.

The general opinion was that the PS3 had no games, and multi-plats looked much better on the 360.

I paid more money to buy a PS3 because I was so happy with both PS1/2 I was secure with the idea that it would be worth it, and it was.
BitbyDeath  +   1406d ago
Agreed on most points.
The Wii being cheaper and launching at the same time would have been quite negative.

However the XBL thing probably not so much as most buyers do not go online.

Also the general opinion was only really found on the internet so i don't believe that would have made much impact either. :-)
#21.2.2 (Edited 1406d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Theangrybogan  +   1406d ago
I'm gonna wait til some actual titles start to be announced/discussed before deciding anything, who cares about a new console if there's no games for it.
neogeo  +   1406d ago
How about a small upgrade only on PS3? Just toss in 4 gigs XDR and make the blu-ray 8x speed and unlock 2 cells. Just call it PS3 supercharged. Keep it all the same. Just box the games with the deluxe logo. Of course it works backwards.
glennco  +   1406d ago
everyone is an expert
potedude  +   1406d ago
"And guess what? Sony has yet to release its handheld device, the PS Vita. "

Isn't the Vita out already? I can buy it in my local store...
SandwichHammock  +   1406d ago
What would be the point to have systems on the market that use smiliar tech and simply crunch licensed pre developed engines like UNreal or Cryengine? All that does is kill innovation when it comes to building engines from the ground up, and we as gamers loose, while publishers get richer because its cheaper to pump out the apps all while spinning this 'oh it costs so much to make games, poor us, buy DLC!'.

I don't want some cookie cutter Direct3D bullshit running on the next Playstation. I want to see tech from the ground up utilizing every nm of that silicon. The power is there now, the limitation is memory like Neo put it.

end rant.
maniacmayhem  +   1406d ago
So what about the WiiU launching before NxtXbox and PS4? Won't the WiiU have a year head start the same way the 360 did for both ps3 and Wii.

Should this also be taken into consideration?
madjedi  +   1405d ago
Considering most of the games on it at launch will be current gen ports and the occasional good 1st party game no not really.

The only ones i see even remotely interested in the wii u, are dedicated nintendo fans, everyone else is either not interested or is waiting for e3 to see all the details.

Hd games aren't new, and there is a perception that the wii u, is a current gen console due to the wii's lack of power and dated online setup.
maniacmayhem  +   1405d ago
the 360 was out first also and the first round of 360 games were also ports of ps2 and Xbox 1 games with a slight graphical upgrade. That didn't stop it from selling and becoming what it is now.

I am definitely interested in the Wii U and yes, I can't wait to see what they have to show at E3.
Neko_Mega  +   1406d ago
Think is, it doesn't matter who comes out first. It mostly matters what they offer when you get them.

This gen PS3 and Wii were both late, yet they took off in sales with Wii being at the top.
ninjagoat  +   1406d ago
Platinum_k  +   1406d ago
this is possible, but still doubtful this will happen.
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