A Look At Day 1 DLC (Playstation Edge)

Down Loadable Content. Whether you love it, hate it or just don’t care, it has definitely redefined gaming today. Down Loadable Content (DLC for short) has taken many forms. From game patches to alternate costumes and from horse armor to full blown expansions, there are many types and sizes of DLC. The bulk of the DLC game content usually comes some time after a game’s release. After a game is finished, all the tools for the game such as coding for characters and areas remain the. It’s easy for a small group to continue working on extra content for a game to increase the game’s life span.

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IGW_Fobia2446d ago

Day 1 DLC certainly annoys me as well...but when has a developer made you purchase it? Never.

Good article, good read. Now only if the gaming world would realize their flaws.

MySwordIsHeavenly2445d ago

I don't have a problem with day 1 DLC. The thing is...some developers put all their time and effort into a game and give you TONS of content for $65. (With tax, of course.) The game is finished and has about a three month window before it releases, usually. In that time frame, most developers are working on DLC for the game that's coming out in three months. What happens if they finish it before the game actually releases? Should they hold off on it, so that people don't complain that "they could have put it on the disc"?

This is not the case every time, but it's an example. Putting content ON the disc, but charging us to unlock it... Now THAT deserves hate.