Gaming Update: The Top Ten Most Challenging Xbox 360 Achievements of All Time (So Far)

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a look at the Top Ten Toughest Xbox 360 Achievements (So Far) focusing upon the Achievements that cause gamers to curse, scream, and sweat.

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NewZealander2446d ago

seriously could the not put all achievements on one freaking page, im not clicking next page for every single achievement description....hit whores.

Recnef2446d ago

The reason it is broken up like that is not for hits, it is because the editors want the pages not go past the side-matter -- under the notion that people tend to find it easier to read this way. Personally I would prefer it to be a single very long page over having to break it up but it is not my call.

wiggles2437d ago

Yeah, I would have read it, then I realized it was 11 pages.

jaymart2k2446d ago

Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter

- Number 1 spot on globol leaderboard

Now that's truely the hardest achievement ever.