GTA 5: What can Rockstar learn from previous GTA games?

GTA 5 Cheats asks the question: What can Rockstar learn from previous releases of the game and include in GTA 5 to make it the best ever?

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ATi_Elite2415d ago

Very simple!

1. Give it San Andreas gameplay
2. Make the graphics like the GTAIV Icenhancer mod
3. have unique and funny characters like Vice City!
4. make the game feel like nothing ever before, you know how GTAIII made us feel.
5. Don't Screw it up!

ScubaSteve12414d ago

omg hes got a gun

you think you are man LMAO
i seen bigger
dont hurt daddys little girl

GillHarrison2414d ago

What are you on my friend?

ScubaSteve12414d ago

those are the quotes from vice city my friend. like the above person said characters from vice city

TheModernKamikaze2414d ago

I wish it had gameplay like San Andreas.