Why Capcom Can't Release Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Characters Right Now

Gaming Blend "A lot of people have been asking about the 12 additional characters for Street Fighter X Tekken and why they aren't available for download (or unlock). Rumors spurred that Capcom is in a legal bind to keep the characters locked until the release of the PS Vita version."

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come_at_me_bro2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

It's possible. It's also possible that they are complete but not properly balanced. It's also possible that Capcom have no idea how to treat their fans and haven't learned from past mistakes (fighting game popularity boom -> oversaturation and poor business decisions -> death -> sf4 fighting game popularity boom resurrection -> oversaturation and poor business decisions -> ???).

josephayal2443d ago

12 more characters incoming this Fall! I love what Capcom is doing with this game

Regent_of_the_Mask2443d ago

They can't release them right now because Sony wants to screw over console users (including their own PS3 fanbase) so they can try to push their garbage handheld out to more people. This just makes me want a 3DS even more.

Knushwood Butt2443d ago

Because nobody bought the game?

rjgbyrne2440d ago

If Sony paid for the DLC characters for Vita then Sony have not only screwed the competition over but the PS3 owners too. Microsoft have very clear guidelines on this and Capcom are stupid to take all the slack if it was a business decision of Sonys causing all this hassle. DLC should be used to extend a games lifespan but also to extend new sales. Regardless is a shame on Capcom for releasing a product to gouge at a later date.nothing can excuse this greed from a corrupt Japanese company. Farewell Street fighter, megaman, strider and all of those beloved franchises made from a much changed comPany of yesteryear. Die a quick death please Capcom, ur a wart of gamings arse that needs lancing!

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