Children "Throwing Themselves Out of the Window". Welcome to Videogame Violence. - BNBGAMING

Former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers stokes the fires of the videogame violence debate once more. Does she have a case to answer?

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Snookies122442d ago

It's the parent's fault for not monitoring their children and what they play. The game itself has nothing to do with your ignorant children/parents. They have no case, get over it. Lol I swear, America is so backwards on so many things... *moves to Japan*

mynameisEvil2441d ago

America is backwards... so you move to Japan.
Sounds 'bout right.

jneul2441d ago

I know it's silly and the children often have other undlying problems which caused them to get suicidal, all they need is some tlc, parents do sometimes let their kids play on games as their solution to todays society... however i am not one of them i only let mine on for an hour max and after that its time to get out of the house and get some nice fresh air:-)