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Could next generation consoles ban used games?

There are rumours swirling that the successors to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 may not be compatible with used games.

This seems ridiculous.

But with the increase of day one DLC, online passes and digital rights management (DRM) this claim seems almost plausible. (Culture)

xhedleyx  +   901d ago
This rumour is ridiculous, I hope it isn't true.
TheSleepyGamer  +   900d ago
As do I. The whole thing is DRM gone mad.
pangitkqb  +   900d ago
If that is the case I will have to seriously consider buying next generation consoles.
AIndoria  +   900d ago
I buy most of my games new, however, if this will be the case, Goodbye Sony and Microsoft.
Ares84HU  +   900d ago
I think instead of blocking used games they should just sell games like so:

- Sell each game for $49.99 and in that you would have your single-player on the disc. If you want MP mode you could pay them $9.99 more on PSN or XBL and get an unlock key.

- Doing that whoever buys any game even used will be forced to pay the $9.99 if they want to play online.

I think game sales would rise do to lower prices and on the long run devs. and publishers would make more money.
Crazyglues  +   900d ago
@ Ares84HU

What no one is telling you is that this would not work because right now Sony and Microsoft charge a royalty fee for each game sold... -on there consoles..

-it's part of how they make there money back for making the gaming system to begin with.

it is estimated to be as high as 20 to 26 dollars and in some cases lower like 10 dollars for first party developers...

So that means right off the back take off 26 bucks from that $65 game cost - that's 39 bucks left for the publisher...

So if you lower the cost of games you will be killing the game makers.. because they still have to pay the royalty fee.

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Ares84HU  +   900d ago

Something doesn't add up.

You are telling me that $39 is left for the publisher and $20-$25 is given to the developers??

Humm that is $60-$65 right there.

Yet at wholesale they sell games for $50-$55 depending on how big of a release it is.

I don't know how much publishers or devs get from the pie all I know is wholesalers sell them for $50-$55 leaving $10-$5 profit on each game for wholesalers. I know this because I tried to get into it and it just didn't worth it. I lost money on it and the profit margin was too low.
Crazyglues  +   900d ago
@ Ares84HU

No I'm telling you that whoever makes a game let's say DICE/EA -they have to pay Sony And Microsoft 20 to 26 dollars for each game they sell.....

So what's left is like 39 which then goes back to DICE/EA to have as profits..

So any game does not matter who - All games on PS3 or Xbox 360 pay 20 to 26 dollars on every game just to have the game on the system. (the royalty fee.)

So if you lower the price of games - the game makers would be hurt, because they still have to pay $20 to 26 dollars on each game.. so there profits would go down to like $29 bucks instead of $39..

Too low to re-coup the cost of making the game.

That's why it would not work..(this has nothing to do with wholesale, this is just out of the box you make your game & this is what it cost to get it on a PS3 or XBOX 360) 20 to 26 dollars on every disk. -goes to SONY or Microsoft, what's left is what the Game company get's - then you take store cut and ad costs.. etc...etc..

My point was Game Companies are already getting very little. Lowering the Price of games would kill them.

That's all I'm saying..

aceitman  +   900d ago
so if it is true i will not buy a next gen system .
dark-hollow  +   900d ago
I won't buy a console that prevents me from buying used games.

Sorry but if we allowed this bullsh*t they only gonna expand their tactics against" piracy" and god knows what they'll do next.
izumo_lee  +   900d ago
I do not see used games being gone but i do see the online pass be even more revelant in next gen consoles. Even more so than they are now.
AIndoria  +   900d ago
Depends. I don't think manufacturers would cease to allow used games, however, I think that a few of the big companies will be inclined to switch to Download-only format(Origin, anyone?) in the future.
TheSleepyGamer  +   900d ago
PC Gaming has almost completely phased out used-game sales with Steam etc.

It was done in more of a subtle way though.
limewax  +   900d ago
Yeah steam have done it well, they always give you as much as the publisher will allow. Some games need steam on and connected to the internet, other don't. They give you the best they are allowed while providing you with a price that makes you wonder if it's even worth seeking out a second hand copy, and often being vastly cheaper than the optical counterpart during the sales.

If consoles could do that then used games may not be much of an issue anyway
BattleTorn  +   900d ago
"Ban?" - no.

Can they make it so that anyone using the disc for the second time has a extremely limited amount of content before prompted to "purchase" the rest? - Yes.
Dark11  +   900d ago
Banning used games will increase piracy.
Yodagamer  +   900d ago
If consoles have drm, i'd seriously consider going to pc gaming, the prices of the games would be cheaper and by the time the next gen consoles come around pc hardware that would be comparable, will be cheap.
granolabar  +   900d ago
Fel08  +   900d ago
If this turns out to be true, than I'm just going to keep this gen's consoles. That is a horrible, ridiculous, dumb move.
GraveLord  +   900d ago
/get over it
Tai_Kaliso  +   900d ago
I am not sure this will happen, first of all, neither Sony or Microsoft will want to be the first to do this. Since they don't know what the other is doing, it could potentially kill off that console if one were to do it and not the other.

Secondly, Nintendo is a dark horse. I don't believe Nintendo has come out against used games. So you could end up with a company coming out with this and them being the only ones. It'll be a long generation for that particular company if that is indeed the case.

I think people are getting all worked up over rumor and we know ZERO facts.

Its fun to speculate, but lets try to keep things in perspective. No used games is just begging for hacks and mods and pirated games.
Magnus  +   900d ago
Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo could do a one time use on a game. But whats the point of doing it. It will hurt console sales fans will be pissed of at the company and it will open the door for more pirates and home brewers to get around the one time use feature. And I think it will open the door for more people to go PC, Steam and OnLive and the console makers don't want to loose sales or market shares to Steam, PC, and OnLive. I can't see them doing it on the next gen consoles I see more online passes more than anything.
2pacalypsenow  +   900d ago
If they do then bye bye consoles ill stick with my pc for the future
ScubaSteve1  +   900d ago
they need to stop with the dlc crap anyways

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