Kingdom Hearts : 10 Years, 10 Game Launches

It's now been ten years that the Kingdom Hearts series has been on the market, with the latest instalment of the franchise just released last week on the Nintendo 3DS.

Total Manga has taken every single first week in Japan of every single game of the series and now takes a closer look at the sales of the last one, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, for comparison.

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Rainstorm812444d ago

Ten Years, Ten Game Launches....2 Console releases.... Anyone else see a problem here

oli2443d ago

I stopped at KH2. Maybe someday I'll pick up on the series again.

CarlitoBrigante2443d ago

They totally ruined the franchise with all these handheld spin-off titles.

If they ever make KH3, do the idiots at SE expect us people who have only played KH1/2 to know all the background stories that were created with spinoffs??

Gorkab2444d ago

Uh no, there are five consoles here : PS2, GBA, DS, PSP, 3DS

Rainstorm812444d ago

4 of those are handhelds.....i want a full console release like KH1 or 2 not more spin offs and side stories like the handhelds

Mikhail2444d ago

It was hard to follow the Story, I have played all the games on all platforms except the 3DS (had a DS emulator). They should focus on 1 platform or just be multiplat so it could be easier to follow.

Kalowest2443d ago

The Stories easy to follow, just play the games in order.

@Raiinstorm81: Birth By Sleep and 3D are both main story line games. Chain of Memories bridges KH1&2, but 358/2 Days was unneeded(It was mainly for Roxas fans)

knifefight2443d ago

It's a semantic difference. "Consoles" generally means ones you hook up to a TV. What you (Gorkab) are describing is "systems" but not "consoles." There have been 2 *console* Kingdom Hearts releases, though the series has spread over many different *systems*.

Just as every vehicle is not a car, not every system is a console.

Darth Stewie2443d ago

Sadly KH3 will not come out until after FF vs 13 is finished. I also hate how KH fans have to buy multiple systems just to play all the games in the series.

TheUnbiasedLion2443d ago

while buying on other systems is annoying i find it worth it :) though bad feeling that KH3 will be a ps4 title at this rate :/

Indigo1232443d ago

Comparing these sales literally means nothing

because no KH has ever been on a system as early as DDD has been on the 3ds.

josephayal2443d ago

As far as I'm concerned, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a WII U exclusive

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