You Have To Preorder To Kill Hitler

GR: "If only the allied forces had preordered at GameStop! World War II would have been a snap. In their weekly ad, the used-games retailer advertises Warner Bros upcoming Sniper Elite V2 with a pair or preorder bonuses."

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Sev2300d ago

Hitler and GameStop. I knew these two were cut from the same stock.

Yi-Long2300d ago

... is a nazi-loving anti-semite!?

dbjj120882300d ago

The voting public at the Consumerist would have us believe that EA is cut from the same stock.

Nelson M2300d ago

I'm gonna pre order

And then i'm gonna shoot that tash clean of his face

StayStatic2300d ago

They will probably remove the tash and then sell it back to you as DLC at launch.

stormeagle62300d ago

Well at least it's a preorder bonus that's kind of unique instead of some lame skin or costume.

StayStatic2300d ago

Should in all version tbh , why should a consumer be punished because they did not buy X game on Y date Dictated by Z company ?