Study: Teens losing interest in traditional games, prefer social/mobile experiences

Gamasutra- Teens are losing interest in playing traditional video games on consoles, and prefer to play social or online games instead, according to a new survey of high school students by analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

The group's report says participants in the survey stressed the importance of feeling connected to their friends. Many respondents believe traditional games lack social features that keep them connected with friends and thus are "a waste of time," while social and mobile titles feel more productive to them.

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Anon19742446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Care to elaborate or are you just dismissing the results because you don't want to believe them? You can bet that the industry pays attention when an investment firm like Piper Jaffray releases reports on teen spending habits of 6000 teens across the entire US. When I worked in the brokerage industry, these types of reports weighed heavily into investment decisions made by the firm. It'd be naive to dismiss the research being done by these types of firms. This is how decisions impacting any industry are made. It's starts with reports, just like this one. We're not talking about Pachter just spouting off whatever pops into his head here. This was an in-depth report covering everything from videogame buying habits among teens to what kind of foods they like to eat.

Khronikos2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I agree but there is something to be said for how things work. Don't kill the industry. Don't forget who the people are that created this industry by going and investing in some fickle base of idiots or you WILL kill your own company. Look at Sony and some of their big franchises as they have switched to COD style gameplay and lost all their hardcore fanbase as well the sales were very disappointing taking into account install base.

I am sure this new movement is strong but you cannot just throw money at idiots forever and get anything out of life but vice. No virtue. One reason America is falling apart is because of profits and corruption and this industry that involves catering the same people with the same tastes who rarely change. Lucrative yes but good for the long term goal of the industry (to adapt to more people and grow with technology) and the artform itself FUCK NO. These teenies are all the same and they all are pigs for slaughter in this dollar per game industry (AKA crap games with light creativity and addiction qualities). This is one type of people in a small study. They will remain the same for some time and they will grow but there is nothing beyond that growth for these types of people imo. More needs to be done.

Indigo1232445d ago

I am dismissing it because the company is garbage, a study of 6k is not relevant, we dont know the parameters of the study ect

CarlitoBrigante2445d ago

I dont understand, the title says teens lose interest in traditional games and want social/mobile games.

and then in the introduction it says teens prefer to play social or ONLINE games.

So, CoD and BF3 are not traditional games anymore? I thought shooters were?

I can just imagine everybody jumping ship from CoD/BF3 to Farmville and Angry Birds LMFAO!

Godmars2902446d ago

Well screw teens - as an old fogy I demand traditional gaming!

Starring Matlok.

ElementX2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I can believe this. With the wonders of mobile devices, people are no longer confined to their living rooms to play games. Now people can play games with their friends on the go and not have to sit in the same room. People can play simpler games such as Words with Friends anywhere, in between classes, in class, on the bus or during lunch break. You make a move and your friends play when they have time, you're no longer confined to a real time game where you can't do anything but sit and wait for the opponent to move. Because of mobile gaming, people are able to be social and still have a gaming experience while out with friends at a restaurant or party.

JBSleek2445d ago

What games are not understanding is this new generation of gamers are being bought up with touch screens and app store games and playing consoles is not really something a young person below 10 would be more inclined to play. The new generation dictates how the market will flow.

Tapioca Cold2445d ago

Good. Playing with them sucks. They're too immature ye expect respect at an adult level.

wollie2445d ago

nice! I agree. As long as they still make good games, I dont care what the children do.

Its just part of getting older. The kids keep getting dumber and dumber.

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