Double Dragon is Getting a Flashy Neon Reboot


Already showing some chops in the old-school department with their work on Shantae and Contra 4, developer Wayforward Technologies revealed that they are working with Majesco to bring an updated take on the classic side-scroller Double Dragon to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Double Dragon: Neon is an aptly-named 80s style reboot of the beloved franchise and is scheduled to release this July.

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Emilio_Estevez2449d ago

I'm really hoping this is good. Better not ruin DD's good name.

guitarded772449d ago

Yeah, Double Dragon was the co-op game to play on NES and in the arcades back in the day. I hope they put in some special moves where 2 players can beat the hell out of someone in unison.

SlowBurn2449d ago

20 jump kicks to kill an Abobo is crazy,would like to see that number reduced to 10 .
seriously,about time a little neon DD rolled in

neutralgamer192449d ago

i loved dd, as much as i loved streets of rage. I hope this is good. I wish sega sold the rights to Sony for Streets of Rage a ps3 version would be awesome!!!!!!

SovereignSnaKe2449d ago

-oh yes!, i will get this, I hope it's good, Loved it this on NES when I was a kid! :)

frequentcontributor2449d ago

Wayforward makes som amazing 2D games, so this should totally rock!

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