Steel Battalion's Kinect controls kinda stress me out

"I had a lot of doubts about how Steel Battalion would make its transition form massive controller to the Kinect system with the newest entry into the series, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for XBOX 360. Those worries I had about losing the feeling of immersion in the game seem pretty well answered in the newest trailer, which details some of the games impressive Kinect control set up. What has me most intrigued is the included use of a standard controller for your moving and shooting in the game, which I personally feel like I'd get the most precision with."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32443d ago

"Steel Battalion's Kinect controls kinda stress me out"

Says the person with a cigarette in her hand. I think you're stressed out in general, lol.

raymantalk12442d ago

so the YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER has now turned into lets add a controller you can hold to give you "FAST RESPONSE AND PRECISION" this seems to defeat the purpose of KINECT and you are the controller slogan has MS finally added that it does not work as they claimed ?. lol

TekoIie2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I think it works but its very hard to Make it work 100% properly compared to with a controller. Personally think the game will be awesome with the inclusion of the controller :3

When they announced this for kinect i went out and bough Kinect straight away. Hope its worth it cuz so far the voice integration for ME3 was really helpful for the powers i didnt have mapped. dance central is pretty fun but its not something i play as much as ME123, gears and skyrim.

Perjoss2442d ago

Problem with kinect is it was originally supposed to have a decent processor built in but that was cut i believe. The rumor is that the next gen xbox will have a built in processor dedicated entirely to the included as standard kinect.

GribbleGrunger2442d ago

i can see the box art now:

'Kinect, You are the controller'

'controller required'

maniacmayhem2442d ago


Just like Sony's slogan, "it only does everything"... really doesn't do everything.

raymantalk12434d ago

so what does it not do that other consoles do ?

and before you say cross game chat no fucker wants it or cares about it.

maniacmayhem2434d ago

The question isn't what it does not do what others can. The slogan is "it only does everything"

but it doesn't do EVERYTHING.

the point is its just a slogan, a marketing term to throw in commercials and generate sales or interests. Just like Sega's "Blast Processing" or Coke "is it".

To take it as the holy word is ridiculous.

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r212442d ago

kinect by itself is a bit silly but with a controller, it could make games more immersive and hard core you could say.

raymantalk12442d ago

forgot to mention the video just looks like a video listing the features does not show anyone controlling it so cannot make a judgment based on this video will wait till proper game play video/review.

TekoIie2442d ago

If the game performs how the trailer says then it will be brilliant but again after the star wars kinect trailer that they faked im holding off until i see someone playing it.

Tai_Kaliso2442d ago

I don't see how controlling a game with Kinect and a standard controller can stress anyone out. Anyone remember that huge controller for the other Steel Battalion game? That would stress me out.

Looking forward to this game though, should it get good scores and work well with Kinect all the threads with the scores will be whisper quiet.

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