Wired Reviews the "gaming god" for all PC's HP's Blackbird 002

Claude McIver of writes, "True frag artists know that gaming PCs are the boxes with the real processing power. But it's the rare rig that combines thrilling design, useful features, and full-throttle performance. The Blackbird 002 is such a system. This gaming god, the first offspring of HP's recent union with VoodooPC, proves that when gamers talk, some people are listening. Take a good look - it's time to stop consoling yourself."

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socomnick3723d ago

Thats a nice pc but real expensive :(.

INehalemEXI3723d ago

You get more power for your buck building your own though. You could easily build something more powerfull for half that price.

lib93722d ago

Can this play Crysis properly?

Ju3722d ago

$5,450.00 ... hm, lets see. That's about 10 games a year (with some specials) for about 10 years... yeah, really expensive.

moses3722d ago

Definitely not worth paying that much money for it. You can build something more powerful for less by yourself.

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