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Unreal Editor PS3 Beta Mod Tools Up For Grabs!

Unreal Editor PS3 Beta Mod Tools released.

"This patch includes the necessary tools for converting mods to the PS3 format.

Please see http://udn.epicgames.com/PS3Mods/ for detailed instructions on using the tools. These instructions will probably evolve over time as the community makes more and more mods, so check back often!

Happy modding!" (PS3)

Credit url: neogaf.com
Mercutio  +   2658d ago
Cool! now We can get to work on it



Stunt  +   2658d ago
It's not a duplicate people.
Chitown71291  +   2658d ago
I am not getting this at all
So this cooker thing, is like something to make up your own weapons, if it is, this is the best multiplayer game ever.
Mercutio  +   2658d ago
YES! and not just that!
You can make your own characters ( solid snake, Masterchief etc.)

you can even change the way it looks.... making it like Gears of war is even possible
Darkiewonder  +   2658d ago
Let's try this out!

Need to reinstall my copy of UT3. :o
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Mercutio  +   2658d ago
PLEASE!! cook that shoulder-view mutator for us pLEASE!!!!
pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!! pLEASE!!!!
Voozi  +   2658d ago
Bioshock.............Mod on PS3 confirmed!
Haha I can imagine in the future someone making a Bioshock mod since the game uses Unreal Engine then porting it to the PS3 then ..... "ZOMG BIOSHOCK ON PS3!11ONE!1" lol
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Laexerias  +   2658d ago
Hell Yeah
That would be f*cking funny xDDDDDDDDDDDDd
Regret  +   2658d ago
Total Conversion mods are on the way.
gamesR4fun  +   2658d ago
yepyou should see the first level of the halo 3 total conversion mod looks better than the original lol
Lumbo  +   2658d ago

now people only have to convince the modmakers to remember the PS3 when cooking ;)
Skerj  +   2658d ago
*Waits for PennyArcade to release more motarded articles and comments*
rulkezx  +   2658d ago
Its funny how easy you guys (and the ps3 community in general) seem to think making a gears or halo total conversion is, or any total conversion for that matter

Hardly anyone is using the maps released for PS3 a cpl of weeks back in the map rotations as is

I just hope the majority of console UT3 owners eventually "get" modding
Doctor Strange  +   2658d ago
Yes, I want a Trigun mod but that would take some work like all mods do.
kwicksandz  +   2658d ago
total conversion mods take ALOT of work
Even creating the art assets for say a gears or halo mod would be a tall order ( unless you can some how import gears textures from gears PC)

Dont expect to see this sorta stuff for quite some time. Natural selection 2 a Source mod has been in development for longer than some full games!

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