Apparent Blu-ray victory revs up CES in Vegas

CBS News writes, "This year's annual Consumer Electronics Show kicked off with a bang in Las Vegas on Sunday, with the apparent end of the next-generation DVD format war."

"Dejected executives of Toshiba Corp., the main backer of the HD DVD format, said they were surprised and disappointed by the announcement last week by Warner Bros. that the studio was going to release its movies only on Blu-ray, the rival format supported mainly by Sony Corp."

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TheTwelve3823d ago

I've never been so interested in a CES before, admittedly. This mess is more exciting than E3 so far!


TANOD3823d ago

It is great to see BD win at the end

whoelse3823d ago

lol i so agree with you.

eagle213823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )


EZCheez3823d ago

When they don't even mention HD-DVD in their conference, especially considering it's their baby.

Also, they cut the length from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, and they didn't even allow questions at the end.

Harsh way to start off CES.

moveteam3823d ago

Aah we didn't knew this already?

SuperSaiyan43823d ago

HD-DVD can still win this.

doshey3823d ago

ya and i can win a million bucks

MaximusPrime3823d ago

nice avatar......

no really you are out of your mind.

RonDeMuerte3823d ago

Why don't you just go back in the closet and hide.....stop outing yourself.....

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The story is too old to be commented.