Rumor: Nintendo's Answer To Gran Turismo And Forza In Development - Details

Dual Pixels - Gran Turismo, Forza, and a third challenger? Yes. Dual Pixels has gotten word, in significant detail, that Nintendo is working on their killer app simulation racer for Wii U that is designed to put GT and Forza on their heels.

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Trackboss2444d ago

Mario Turismo Racing lol

CarlitoBrigante2444d ago

Its time Sony has an answer to Mario Kart. It has been too long since Crash Team Racing, the best karting game ever made, by Naughty Gods. I would love a PlayStation All star Karting game!

blind-reaper2444d ago

CTR was amazing, it is still fun to play.

VanillaBear2444d ago

Theres LittleBigPlanet Karting to look forward to, that has a CTR vibe to it, especialy the battle mode.

chanmasta2444d ago

Agreed. I'm a big Nintendo fan and like Mario Kart games, but whenever I play them I'm always wishing for Crash Team Racing. That game is one of my favorite games of all time. I just wish they remake it, add online, have the same gameplay with more customization, etc. Ahhhh man, though it probably wouldn't happen, it would be sweet on the Wii U.

NYC_Gamer2444d ago

I hope its not some racing game full of Nintendo characters/power ups.

ProjectVulcan2444d ago

It takes hardware performance to do a decent simulation equal to GT5 and Forza 4. To do physics and friction correctly. They have evolved to use quite complex handling models this generation.

frequentcontributor2444d ago

Well, this is good news, if real. Good racing games were a clear weak point on the Wii and GC. It's bad when you only have a kart racer, but no Burnout or something more technical, like Forza. This next E3 should have a lot of interesting announcements.

sprinterboy2444d ago

Yep awesome with floating steering wheel lol

neutralgamer192444d ago

competition is good. Even though Gran turismo is a beast on its own games like Forza have stood on their own in being good titles as well.

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