Why orcs must not die again on XBLA

"A certain platform that became one of the homes of the original Orcs Must Die last fall was conspicuously absent from the recent press release announcing its sequel, Orcs Must Die 2. Realizing that a number of Xbox gamers who purchased and enjoyed the first game feel slighted by what they perceived to be Robot Entertainment turning its back on them, the developer posted an explanation on its official forums today.

Justin Korthof, a community manager at Robot, explained that the reasons are not personal, but monetary. Korthof reaffirmed that the Steam/PC community playing the first game is “significantly larger” (note the emphasis) than the audience for the tower-defense title on Microsoft’s console. That being said, he did note that “Both communities are very passionate and loyal. We appreciate that immensely.” So the small-scale developer is extremely grateful for the support of all of its fans, but game development is a business like any other; and business, as it turns out, is business."

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Kramerica132444d ago

It's a shame they can't afford to bring the sequel to XBLA, but I can respect that small studios have to be careful with their finances.

I never finished the first game, but what I played was pretty awesome. I should get back to it at some point.

girlfrommars2443d ago

That's a shame. Co-op would have been great on XBLA

Megaton2443d ago

I have it on Steam. Pretty good game.