EA wins the Golden Poo Worst Company Award

EA has been voted the worst company in US.

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snipes1012449d ago

I wonder if this has anything to do with the backlash from ME3? Though it's not like they ever had the best track record to begin with. They did pioneer online passes, after all.

Tr10wn2449d ago

EA is just bad, is not just ME3 is The Sims 3 and their over priced DLC, the over 9000 NFS games, the promise they never keep, in fact i never receive my battlefield 3 for pre ordering ME3, so yeah they deserve this awesome award i hope they learn to listen and keep their promise.

aaaaaaaaa2449d ago

EA will only learn when there market share starts to drop. With any luck if that does happen it will be too late for them.

Kaneda2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

overpriced DLC? Activision should be on that list.. DLC for COD franchise for the last 6 years.. :) 59.99 each year for the same sh!t...

NukaCola2449d ago

I think Capcom has done far worst this year than any other company. Terrible games, good games milked, terrible games milked, DLC pricing was the worst too. They really didnt do anything other than disappoint all year long.

vega2752449d ago

your right Activision should be on that list. but if your reason is because they milked their franchise for 6 years with just putting out the same crap every year. than EA still beat them with Madden which is the same every year also ontop of the other Bs they are known for.

MrBeatdown2449d ago

That "bad" company gave me Back to Karkand free for buying Battlefield 3 early, a free HD version of Dead Space Extraction with Dead Space 2, a free HD version of Medal of Honor Frontline for buying the new Medal of Honor, and tons of free Burnout Paradise DLC.

They've given me some incredible deals on PS3 and 360 games from their online store.

And to top it off, they've given me some of the best games this generation, many of which were new IPs.

That's a hell of a lot more than I've ever gotten from the likes of Activision or Ubisoft.

And you complain about NFS games, but they vary wildly from year to year. Undercover was open world. Shift was a sim. Hot Pursuit was 50% cop chases. And The Run was a linear, story-driven game. Sure, they aren't always amazing games, but you treat it like the series is being milked when the games are so wildly different from year to year that they might as well be different games. Of all the annual releases out there, NFS does the most to change it up from year to year.

It's easy to make anyone out to be bad if all you want to do is focus on what they've screwed up on. EA has messed up a lot, but they've also done a whole lot of great stuff.

Oh, and if they didn't give you the copy of Battlefield you were owed, email them. Do something about it.

sikbeta2449d ago


It's a combination of ME3 backlash and the hate to Origin from the Steam fanboys XP

ritsuka6662448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

NOT forget too EA ruined the Comand Conquer series.

NOT forget too the dictador mods in forums of EA ( they deleted all topics of critics)

YEP, this is EA for you..

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aaaaaaaaa2449d ago

"I wonder if this has anything to do with the backlash from ME3?":
No i think its all of EA games, rushed and incomplete.

"Though it's not like they ever had the best track record to begin with."

"They did pioneer online passes, after all."
Don't forget Origin yet another stupid idea.

For me its the way they treat the small companies that develop the games for them and there amazing ability to screw everything up

Bimkoblerutso2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

"For me its the way they treat the small companies that develop the games for them and there amazing ability to screw everything up."

That's really the big issue for me, too. They have some amazingly accomplished developers working for them, but their greed really squeezes the soul out of the people that are ACTUALLY making the industry what it is.

They have the despicable habit of buying up well loved companies with established fan-bases, gutting them, slapping their big ugly logo on all their subsequent releases, and exploiting every nook and cranny of the legal system to nickel and dime customers into a bloody pulp.

It's sickening what they do. It really is. They totally deserve that award.

FrigidDARKNESS2449d ago

I gaurs tee Bioware regret signing under them. Dragon Age 2 was a rushed game to the market.

sikbeta2449d ago

Just a question, why Origin is an stupid idea? doesn't have to do with the fact that it competes with Steam, right?

Captain Qwark 92449d ago

ea had nothing to do with online passes, they have been around for years. they were previously called "cd keys" and were only on pc. then somebody from ea just decided to apply the exact same concept to consoles and suddenly everyone is in an uproar like its some completely new bullsh*t idea...

( it is lame imo but hardly new and hardly the creation of the evil mastermind ea....also i like ea, dont approve of the online pass but otherwise i have zero problems with them )

Myst2449d ago

Huh now that you mention it you're right. I had forgotten all about CD keys despite having quite a collection of PC games in which CD keys were needed...

Captain Qwark 92449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )


yeah nobody ever seems to peice that together. maybe im just to old for gaming but two of the biggest issues people complain about these days, while valid are hardly new.

online passes = cd keys. biggest difference? cd keys were worse, you lost it you cant even play. online pass will just lock some content.

new game prices of $60 usd = many n64 and super Nintendo games retailed for the same or higher. whats worse, when they were that much, people made a lot less money then. i believe minimum wage was half of what it is now....if anything its a cheaper hobby then its ever been

dlc = legitimate complaint. this could have been amazing but was more or less ruined by greedy publishers. i would take the expansion packs of the old days over dlc now in a heartbeat

Oschino19072449d ago

I wonder if it has to do with them shutting down the servers to games 2-6 years (many 3-4 unless very popular) after release making anything and everything involving online play basically pointless as late buyers get shafted and hardcore fans often lose half their game or more and all traces of it. Oh and they still love to sell DLC and Online Passes at full price for those games up to and after the servers get shut down.

Lilioups2449d ago

ME3 was fine imo (if u except the ending)
glad they didnt ruin this game till the last 10 min

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Statix2449d ago

What a joke. EA isn't even necessarily the worst gaming company in America. To me, it's a tie between Activision and EA, for multiple reasons (NOT just because they milk COD every year). Seems like gamers are just butthurt over recent problems with EA (ME3 ending and DLC, and the Origin service).

Like some members of the Consumerist said, this result completely trivializes the Worst Company Award, and makes it look like a joke.

Megaton2449d ago

I think people have long accepted that BofA is a great evil in the world. They're looking for fresh meat.

SilentNegotiator2449d ago

Sorry, but EA and Activision aren't anywhere near each other. EA is worse by far.

Activision: Created premium membership for free map packs, extra features.
EA: Pioneered online passes and have day one DLC with their first party studio (BioEA).

(For people rating them purely as businesses)
Activision: Improving bottom line.
EA: Hasn't had an increasing stock trend in years.

Activision: Creates and destroys fads.
EA: Chases fads.

cyborg69712449d ago

Those map packs are far from free. And if you think they are your retarded.

Statix2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

EA "chasing fads" means nothing to me. I care about whatever company that makes games I enjoy. I've enjoyed several EA games this generation (Battlefield, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space). I can't even tell you the last Activision game I enjoyed since COD4 back in 2007.

A quick summary of Activision:

-Selling OLD MAPS to gamers as new DLC (MW2's retro maps)
-No dedicated servers for COD every year
-Same crappy engine for COD every year
-Milking gamers with overpriced DLC
-Milking gamers w/ a worthless service in "COD Elite"
-Crappy games in the Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, and James Bond franchises

Don't get me wrong. EA sucks too. I'm not saying EA is better than Activision. But to say that Activision isn't "nearly" as bad as EA is ridiculous at this point. They're both s**tty game companies in their own special ways.

ShabbaRanks2449d ago

?????????????????? uhhhhh I’m still trying to figure out at what level you’re sarcasm meter is… I’m guessing between 8 and 10, but I could be wrong …

SilentNegotiator2449d ago

I could have used better diction, but that's no reason to call me "retarded"

SilentNegotiator2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Alright, statix, you've convinced me; they are close. I didn't not consider enough of Activision's issues.

But I still don't feel that Activision is AS bad as EA. Not with EA introducing so many anti-consumer systems to try to block used sales.

MrBeatdown2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )


It's amazing the lengths people will go to to make EA out to be some evil, innovation-killing super corporation.

It's hilarious that you say "creates and destroys fads" as if that's a good thing. They create something, but it's okay that they destroy it by running it as far into the ground as possible?

And what are these fads EA is chasing? Football? Shooters? Racing games? Epic space-themed RPGs?

Hell, the only thing remotely close to a fad EA has chased was the music genre, but EA at least had Harmonix on their side, and they've treated it with greater care and basically done an all around better job with it than Activision has.

Sure, EA came up with the online pass, but it's hypocritical that you give Activision credit for trying to improve the bottom line, yet paint it as a negative when that's what EA is doing with online passes.

Oh, and I can list a whole lot of new IPs from EA this generation. How many new IPs has Activision produced? Last time I checked, as a customer, I appreciated an effort to try something new. That's something EA does pretty damn well, especially compared to Activision.

I'm no Activision hater, but I'm not going to pretend they are a better company than EA, just because EA releases a few hours of DLC for their 40 hour RPG, or won't let me play on their servers when I don't buy their game from them.

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PrimordialSoupBase2449d ago

Indeed. Nearly every major bank is using their customer base as a springboard for to hefty bonuses each year. This award is a complete distraction from the truly criminal activity that goes on.

grailly2449d ago

thank you for making sense, it's just a bit sad that I had to scroll down this much to find a comment worth reading.

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FlashXIII2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Lol! Surprised it wasn't Capcom tbh though.

Deserved from a gaming companies perspective but if EA are the worst company in America, you must have a lot of awesome companies.

Some highlights of the last 12 months that come to mind for me personally:

Origins: Awful idea and was an absolute joke around Christmas time with their sales in comparison to steam. Simply put STEAM > Origins and that most likely isn't going to change.

Battlefield 3 PC version: Great game marred by ridiculous decisions. Forcing players to use Origins for one. Another being the server browser in your internet browser and the other big one was no mod support.

Beta/early access/ Preorder bonus: Last year around Summer I believe, EA released the battlefield 3 beta. Could gain access a number of ways but on the PC one of the most popular ways was to preorder Battlefield 3 from origins. Well they dropped the ball with it by releasing the keys in waves.. which naturally caused a bad backlash from fans. Further more they still didn't learn from this with SWTOR early access doing exactly the same thing giving people early access in waves which one again caused a big backlash from fans.

SWTOR: Game was clearly released six months too early, many people have already quit and almost everyone I personally know think the endgame is utter rubbish. I could write an entire article of all the things BW/EA done wrong with SWTOR but the biggest error was rushing the release.

Season Pass: Don't know exactly the cost or what exactly you get from it however one of the perks of buying an EA season pass was getting games before the official release date. Allowing people to pay extra money to get a game early and in some cases gaining an unfair advantage against other people online is imho taking the piss and a dirty way for them to make extra money.

Fifa 12: So many problems with this game which never got fixed. Barely any improvements or post launch support from developers in certain game modes like clubs in terms of people using hacked players.

Fifa Street: Awful online options for this game which gave a huge advantage to those with the season pass thing. They taken out some of the most popular single player modes and didn't let you use club teams.. excuses for it were a joke too. I expect a certain quality of product from EA Sports range of games especially in terms of online modes and this game has tarnished their reputation in my eyes.

Meh wall of text probably but just highlighting a few of the reasons which personally effected me with EA in the last year.

SilentNegotiator2449d ago

They've been pretty bad as of late.

Megaton2449d ago

Bank of America just can't get it done. They've been a runner up for the last 4 years, finalist for the last two.

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