Battlefield 3 Suppression Guide: Good For Pros, Bad For Noobs

Techtorial: Here's a guide about Battlefield 3's suppression for weapons (after patch 1.04) explaining its importance if you want to get more kills on the field. Probably the thing that separates the men from the boys.

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TekoIie2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Well you have to consider is that it's either flinch or suppression.

Flinch purposefully moves your sight to miss the target while suppression will reward those who actually keep there sights on the target despite the blur. Basically if you complain about supression I doupt there's a MP shooter you'll like.

Still a very nice guide. I like how supression isnt just limited to LMG's.

Kyosuke_Sanada2442d ago

I feel like I am watching a Battlefield 3 special of "Look Around You"......

eak32441d ago

Good guide. Its much easier to get supression ribbons now also, they lowered the requirements from 7 assists to 4 so rack up those suppr pts!!

Hufandpuf2441d ago

Now when I see someone hiding, I shoot in their area just to get them suppressed. I like the mechanic more now because it feels more realistic in this patch.

SJPFTW2441d ago

game breaking. Back in the day suppression was about dishing out accurate fire that actually hits your target forcing them to find cover for fear of dying. Now its like shoot 5 feet over his head and because of magically increased recoil and bullet spread he can't return fire. Now its just a spray fest. This really only benefits the camping noobs while attackers on rush are at a severe disadvantage as it limits their ability to fire on the move.

No one complained about suppression. All they had to do was fix frag rounds and MAV elevator and the game would be perfect. NOPE had to ruin a game and now we have to waits months for a fix. Its like DICE gameplay designers never played a competitive game before *sigh*

venom062441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

this isn't game breaking at all.... just something to adjust to. Pick an accurate and when you get suppressed, find cover.... when it goes away, continue the fight.. i like it for defense and offense..