Big Red Barrel - Journey is a $15 Cup of Coffee

The question of whether or not a game like Journey will appeal to you or not will coincide with the answer to the following question: Would you pay $15 for a cup of coffee?

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Emilio_Estevez2361d ago

Interesting comparison that seems spot on.

spambot2361d ago

As a coffee lover and a gamer, yes. And I will be picking up Journey.

PixL2361d ago

I've paid more than equivalent of $15 for a good meal, many times. Journey is like a delicious meal.

Kran2361d ago

Whilst Journey is not entirely a "delicious meal" it is absolutely wonderful to look at.

MerkinMax2361d ago

The cool thing about Journey is that it is a $15 dollar up of coffee that gets refilled, freshened up, and can be reenjoyed for years to come.

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