First Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Footage Emerges

@VG247: Five minutes of brand spanking new in-game HD action plus impressions of the most beautiful action multiplayer in 2012. Stace Harman spends too long looking at Far Cry 3′s scenery.

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dark-hollow2362d ago

Wow! Another fps suffer the "codifaction" effect.

Seriously can't they innovate anymore in fps games?

C_Menz2362d ago

Not until the consumers stop buying FPS games like CoD. They are a business after all and will do what the market dictates.

dark-hollow2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Copying cod won't stop cod fans from buying it.
And it won't increase your sales!

Can't they get it? Ironic enough, the reason cod exploded this Gen because of innovation in online multi player that cod 4 brought.

Innovation, not copying!
If cod 4 back at the time went like most other developers and copied halo it won't be as successful as it is today.

ginsunuva2361d ago

Yeah. Why would Cod players buy cod wannabes when they have the real one?

guitarded772361d ago

While this isn't a game I'd buy for the multiplayer, the map editor in Far Cry 2 was brilliant... hope it makes a return.

Hoje03082362d ago

While I agree that the presentation seems very much like COD, we don't yet know how the weapons handle or if there's an insulting amount of auto aim. If it handles well and doesn't aim for me, then I'll give it a chance. The map editor helps too.

lastdual2362d ago

To be honest, COD-style gunplay + Far Cry's powerful map editor doesn't sound bad at all.

Far Cry 2 lost its multiplayer legs despite a great map creator largely because the gunplay didn't feel tight enough and players complained about the longer kill times compared to COD. Now it's more like COD and people still complain.

theEx1Le2362d ago IDK seems a bit COD to me but will judge for myself when it comes out.

Drabent2362d ago

Looks bette than UC3's multiplayer nice!

Hoje03082362d ago

Why the hell are you talking about Uncharted? Your lack of subtlety suggests a dim mind.

gtxgamer22362d ago

hahahaahahahahahh, i had to laugh because your an idiot. Comparing a FPS to a 3rd person? pathetic.

shammgod2362d ago

Was this comment trolling, serious, or just general douchebaggery?

Kran2361d ago

A third person shooter compared to a first person shooter?

Hmmm. Great comparison!!!! /s

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ritsuka6662362d ago

Geezzz tards calling this like COD LMFAO!

This looks nothing like COD... Anyway looks fantastic and i love the weighty feel of guns in this game already.

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The story is too old to be commented.