Warner and New Line Go Blu, Possible HD DVD Death Looming

Matt Paprocki writes, "The next gen DVD battle has been a mess from the beginning, confusing the hell out of everyone who did not closely follow the war. It turned into a video game-like back-and-forth struggle, with lower prices, propaganda, and various PR talking heads touting their format as the best."

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TheTwelve3575d ago

There are few who love Sony more than I do and still I think I've seen enough of this.

What I want to hear next is:

Universal and Paramount go BLU!!!!!


Voozi3575d ago

Anyone else suprised Bloodmask didn't spin this article into Pro HD-DVD?

The Brave 13575d ago

Its stupid that some people say that Hd dvd is better when the people who actually make the movies(Spielberg,Michael)say they prefer BLU!Get over it and move on!its over

jack who3575d ago

holy crap this got Approved?

SuperSaiyan43575d ago

Dont forget the studios in Europe that put blu-ray only movies on hd-dvd like studio canal+

doshey3575d ago

ya and blu ray is still beating hd dvd so

resistance1003575d ago

European studio's only really acount for under 10% of the market.

They have next to no impact on this war. And considering europe is blu, they will be silly not to release it on blu-ray