Samsung Shows OLED and Quad-HD TVs at CES

Samsung Electronics unveiled today two ultrathin TVs and a prototype LCD TV with four times the definition of today's most advanced high-definition sets.

The ultrathin TVs are based on OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology and boast 14-inch and 31-inch screen sizes, the company said in a statement distributed in South Korea. The announcement is part of a preview for the Consumer Electronics Show

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lynx1halo3670d ago


TANOD3670d ago

Hopefully SAMSUNG + SONY will rule with OLED

SAMSUNG+SONY = ALWAYS flawless victory

SuperSaiyan43670d ago

Samsung unveiled a 40inch OLED ages ago, why the sudden small screens? And they were supposed to come out like 1-2yrs ago!

socomnick3670d ago

Quad hd = fap fap fap fap

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