New Trailer of Sorcery

Sony has released a new Trailer of Socery.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2444d ago

What is this "Socery"? Didn't FIFA just come out?

FredEffinChopin2444d ago

Counting the days over here.

callahan092444d ago

I have to admit, I have an instant revulsion response to any videogame trailer that shows me a person playing the game. I don't want to watch some kid play a game, just show me footage of the game itself. It just seems to forced... Like they're saying "Look, we know the gameplay doesn't look that fun, but just watch this guy playing it, doesn't he look like he's having so much fun!"

StrongMan2444d ago

Now this is what a motion controlled game should be like. What a breath of fresh air considering I have seen nothing but poor Star Wars Kinect reviews which sits at a 58 on Metacritic. Sony has to show that motion controls can deliver a hardcore experience, WITH NO DANCING!

b_one2444d ago

it shows, look at Datura, Sorcery is another good reason...

Shadonic2444d ago

im kind of pissed that they left out free movement and swordplay in fabel the journey.

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