Panzer Dragoon Saga had a PC version that was never released, could SEGA re-release it on Steam?

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is something interesting. Giancarlo Varanini revealed at the latest Giantbomb Podcast that GameTap had a working PC version of Panzer Dragoon Saga when he was working at the company. This is something unexpected and we are really surprised with the fact that it was never released to other services, even via the digital distribution services."

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dedicatedtogamers2449d ago

It would certainly bring this game out into the light. For the very few who've played it, they swear it's the best game ever created, but a public release on Steam would allow a much wider audience to decide for themselves if this game truly deserves all of the adoration.

Emilio_Estevez2449d ago

I have it and it's okay, but not as great as a lot of the hype would lead you to believe. People should still play it and decide for themselves though. Sega keeps re-releasing old games, why not this?

RGTrain2449d ago

Because my copy would'nt by worth hundreds of dollars if they re-released it.......

dedicatedtogamers2449d ago

Yeah, I played it on the Saturn (burned copy. Shame on me) and it was pretty good. There's definitely something to the battle system, the setting, and the music, and a revival of the franchise would be nice, but the original game as it stands is pretty outdated.

kevnb2449d ago

that would be cool, there are only like 10,000 copies out there.

Cryptcuzz2449d ago

I loved this game to death way back when I had the Sega Saturn. I played and beat it numerous times until my damn neighbor stole all my other games including my Saturn and this game! The music is awesome, the battle system was fun as heck, and interacting with your dragon was meaningful LOL.