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There's something slightly fraudulent about Escape Plan. At first glance, the bloated sad-sack characters, the empty-eyed china masks, the distended bellies and the barbs and spikes scattered about might lead you to believe that this creepy monochrome adventure is the genuine product of a tortured creative psyche.

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NukaCola2419d ago

Come on. This game is great. It's not a 6. It's at least and 8. It's an original Vita game...though iOS =-like but still has good gameplay, silly characters, and great visuals and music.

360GamerFG2419d ago

Your opinion and you're welcome to it. Lets respect that other people have differing opinions too.

Burning_Finger2419d ago

It's eurogamer. lol

I think their highest rating is 7 which equivalent of 10. XD

TooTall192419d ago

Review is outdated. They released a patch and now the star rating system has nothing to do with swipes. It is now time based. They also added 19 additional rooms for free.

mcstorm2419d ago

Im really enjoying this game something alittle different from everything out there which is also a big plus for me too.

guitarded772419d ago

I don't have a Vita yet, but I like the art style for the game. It's one of the games I'm most interested in playing on Vita.